Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dream on....

Some weeks are good, others aren’t so, you have to learn to dance with the flow of life and enjoy even the slightly more difficult situations. Note to self - learn - I am certainly in the learning phase of this....We are lucky enough to have a lot of wonderful people around – I really do enjoy the DD team which seems to be ever expanding and just getting stronger. We are also getting more knowledgable all of the time - love how training is moving forward!

We had a great weekend, we visited our most local show,caught up with a lot of great people and came home very pleased with the dogs. I sometimes am frustrated with things but I am certainly learning to enjoy each dog for their individual merits, I am less likely to blame the dog for I am more aware than ever that their limitations really are my own lack of time, creativity or willingness to listen to the subtleties that they are trying their very hardest to show me. My favourite run of the day had to be Coastys - he really was flying although Matt and Riot are certainly looking unstoppable and Tikis weave entries are impressing me!

I cant believe how time is flying either, Matt and I have just 11 weeks until we will officially become, dare I say it, parents. This is seriously life changing and scary and I certainly have ups and downs with it I shall blame all that on the hormones however I can say that on the whole it has not been a bad few months and I am very lucky to be 29 weeks pregnant and still running around courses - thankyou body!
On another note Relocation Relocation was on again the other day. It reminded me how much life has changed in a year and how lucky we really are. I feel amazed that one of my fairy tale dreams completely came true.The dreams just keep coming - I think I am beynd obsessed now and at the point of possessed :)

I hope you have all had a good week - the last few weeks for us have been a real pleasure down at Bowerland with great workshops and lovely customers, it really has been very enjoyable. If you are not already visiting for a workshop do check out the huge variety we have going on down here. We are so lucky - take advantage from jump days to puppy days to lifeskills!

Take a look at our website www.devondogs.co.uk on the courses and bookings page and have a browse for yourself. We have some availability on the following workshops:

One space on Awesome Handling this weekend 26th Nov

Lifeskills 2011/2012
Stretcholt 2012
Rebecca Sharples 15th Jan Physio Day
14th January - Canine Conditioning and looking after the Canine Athlete
Canine Development Day March 4th

March Jump Day
Anthony Clarke Jan 8th Attack The Course
Tues AM workshops / Tues PM workshops
Jo Tristram Young Dogs Day - 4th Feb
Jo Tristram Awesome Partnerships Day -Jan 21st

Puppy Development Day 1st April
4th Feb and 31st March Sian Illingworth
Dave Munnings and so much more....

We have so much to offer please see the website to look at our whole selection of workshops and we really hope to see you soon.

If you are not already a DD member please see the information on the website and also our latest newsletter. This month there is an offer on workshops - spend £100 and save £10.

Feel free to send over the bookings as soon as you know what you would like to book on, we look forward to hearing from you.


Saturday, 5 November 2011

So much to do.......

I am so pleased that Lesley Huggins could take some photos of the pups, we have had so little time over the last week it would have been a real shame to miss them!

If you do want any agility/contact/action/weave pics Lesley uses the field at weekends quite often to capture dogs - let us or her know and I am sure she would be more than happy to take pics for you. The canvases she has printed are excellent.

Above are Boost and Spider - both pups are now happily in homes. This week I have been reading Appleby on Habituation and Socialisation. Habituation is described as 'the process whereby an animal becomes accustomed to non-threatening environmental stimuli.'

Although counter condiditioning is an option correct learning is always preferable. Another interesting piece of information for me is that experiments show puppies who have experienced pre stress in early life have a good capacity to cope with it later in life whereas those who do not, cannot cope.

On another note we have had the busiest week and it just seems to get busier, Ultimate Handling only has 24hours until sign up closes so make sure all of you DD people get signed up - what an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the best. See www.ultimateagility.com, sign up closes 6pm tomorrow evening. Lessons will cost £8.30 each. Dont miss out!

Lastly thankyou for your lovely emails re the LLAAI - I had a ball teaching it and cant wait to teach next years level 1s and level 2s!

Lauren xx

Monday, 24 October 2011

'It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.'

I love learning but this week I have learnt a lesson I needed to learn much sooner - oh my gosh how much effort goes into planning a big course even when all the paper work is done there is so much to sort from lunch menus and ensuring that lovely Sue knows dietary requirements for a lot of people to projectors, large screens, day care for dogs, people management, filing, information, resources, sales items, helpers and most importantly great information. It has been a long process but it is all now coming together. If you are interested in the LLAAI Instructor course level one or level two you can access these via Devon Dogs www.devondogs.co.uk courses and bookings. There are 8 spaces available to people looking for level one and spaces available for level two on completion of level one. We aim to run two to three courses a year depending on time and venue availability. £50 deposit secures and we will hold a waiting list once full. We will cover topics from group dynamics, managing safe environments, awesome contact and weave training, fantastic groundwork and more.

In addition to this the pups are full on, please come and visit Devongem litter 4 if you have time they are fat fluff balls and very cheery souls, Fiji is a dream to work but a monkey 24/7 as she is into everything her confidence is lovely, the other dogs are patient and life goes on - I am also now over 6 months pregnant and I can't believe it is over 6 months now, very scary!

Ultimate Agility is also taking off - if you have not already had time to register please visit www.ultimateagility.com. The free article is excellent.

We also have an action packed winter training programme, please see Fern, Kim, Mandy, Sue, Matt, Vivienne or I if you have not yet had one or email carole@devondogs.co.uk.

I really think that life is for living, and life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. I feel very lucky to have a very supportive team around me  - thankyou all :) 

Lauren and Devon Dogs

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Are you an Ultimate Handler? Do you know what to train over Winter?

I love the way agility is moving with the times. I sometimes struggle to find consistent innovative dog trainers to work with in Devon and I am so pleased that there are opportunities like this :)

Have you seen this link?


We have had a huge uptake of new people wanting better training on handling and innovative ideas so we have really worked hard to try and offer them something. This is great for us and keeps us all on our toes.

We are starting to prepare our winter training programme based around Greg&Lauras online course above, I really do think you will love it if you get a chance to join, birthday, Christmas, and presents galore - I know what I am asking for for my birthday. The nights are now getting colder and darker and the flood lights are now back on, we are going to miss the Summer.

Free and her pups - she is such a good mum :):)

It has been ages since I have blogged and the pups are almost 5 weeks old - they are full of fun and lots of work but will be flying the nest soon but not too far though, they are going to the loveliest homes,

Devongem Freakin Great - Sian
Devongem Free Spirit - Sally
Devongem Born Free - Helene
Devongem Free For All - Mandy

I am so excited as I will be seeing lots of all of them as they all train with us regularly. I feel very lucky :)

Hope you are all well, if you havent had your winter training plan/programme from myself, Kim, Matt, Sue or Fern please ask us asap as these are now available.

See you soon, Mark and Karen Laker today and Kamal tomorrow woohoo!

Lauren xx

Friday, 23 September 2011

What an amazing year we have had....

 After Susan Garrett contacted us at the beginning of the year I thought our years training could not be topped however I am over the moon that we will also be able to offer a camp next year with Greg and Laura Derrett. We are so lucky to be spending good quality training time with some of the best. Our club has gone from strength to strength with so many dogs moving up the grades.

I am particularly proud of Alexis and PC who are already holding their own in G6, Teresa and Indi who has also had trophy places, and Gary and Tagg in G3. In addition to this I have to say it is a complete pleasure to train Jon Woodger who has moved into G5 as well as so many others. Lizzie Rafter is now G3, Fern is G4 and both of these were G1 at the beginning of the year. Lizzie has also just won her first final! Awesome.

We are involved with some great inspirational people, David Munnings was in your Thursday class only last week, how lucky are we? Some great learning going on here and make sure you take us up on as much of it as you possibly can - we love the way you are all developing.

If you are planning on coming to Summer camp with Greg and Laura let us know as soon as possible as we really have very limited spaces now and I am trying to create the best learning community.

Lauren x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives. Tony Robbins

It is funny - I only realised yesterday that I haven't written about the Olympia experience and my own dogs in a little while, so I thought on a quiet Sunday afternoon I could do both.

It is really funny but over the last few weeks I have felt really good, not at all what people told me to expect to feel like with the whole 'pregnancy experience,' I really feel very energetic, not at all bloated, not tired and not too hungry or craving anything in particular (although I am always hungry and craving chocolate, even Matt won't fall for the chocolate needs.)

So it was a big decision whether to try out for Olympia or not, after I decided to go, it would be a good experience etc etc I then thought fate might choose for me - destiny is a funny thing and something I do believe in. Well I am not quite sure what is going on up there but somehow with only one novice semi day I seemed to sail through without even running and not only that but also into the Large Olympia with Reef who not only had one, but two clears on the day. My dogs really were flawless, and I had to go home beaming. I was overjoyed as Matt also qualified Bailey.

In addition to this I am really happy with Fiji and her progress - she is a credit to the line and I am having so much fun with her. I hope to be able to manage my excitement as at only 8months old she looks and acts so grown up and will work all day so I am having to be very self controlled with her training.

Lastly I love the way you can see the relationship - Fiji, Brooke and Reef are so similar yet different! Love them - beautiful dogs. Well done Sandra Adams!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

"All people want is someone to listen"

I have had a great week this week, some wonderful new customers and exceptional current customers. What I find being a full time teacher is, as I said above, "All people want is someone to listen.' Hugh Elliott. People are really excited about learning and sometimes all they need is someone to allow them to talk and share their agility thoughts.

I have had my good friend Dave Munnings and lovely Dan Shaw to stay this week, they had lots of their dogs plus fosters. I really, really admire the foster work and it was great walking all 12 dogs in the woods, very funny! Dave asked to watch a few classes and as a teacher this is sometimes intimidating initially as I know Dave and I do things differently however it is also useful to both Dave and I. For me I like to have feedback so after he watched I asked him what he thought. His answer really made me think about the way Devon Dogs was set up and what I wanted to achieve. As a teacher I always wanted to empower the learners and his feedback very much linked to that. He said our cstomers have a wealth of information invested in them and they all know how to work harmoniously around each other. This is something I most definately intended I sometimes wonder now for our newer customers how we ever got to this stage. I was happy to hear that though - exactly the learning community I enjoy.

I have watched some great lessons from Mandy, Kim and Vivienne this week and although I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant I cant imagine handing any of my lessons over however it is great having such great people to work with to ensure we meet all of our customers expectiations.

This morning I am planning for our 2011 instructors course, looking at the handouts and welcome pack and ensuring everything ties in together neatly. If you are interested in this the 2011 course is full and operating a waiting list but the 2012 course has some availability at present. Check it out on http://www.devondogs.co.uk/courses_booking.html. We would love to see you there.

Also make sure you have checked out www.ultimateagility.com - there is a great free article on the site entitled, 'The Handler VS The Competitor In All Of Us.' This is a really good learning opportunity, who are you? I certainly know which boat I am sitting in.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

“Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith”

I am soooo proud! Although we have been so busy, there are never enough hours in the day, we do not stop yet a little time to reflect is good!
Some great results lately Bailey is in every champ final and Popi has been in the last two, awesome! Tiki qualified for the novice olympia, Bailey and Reef for the G6/7 Olympia and Matt and I are over the moon! It is great to qualify with one dog let alone three between us. It will be an interesting Olympia for me however I am really hoping to stay as fit as possible and it gives me something to aim for instead of mooching and getting too big - although I have to say all of my customers winning and bringing cakes is NOT helping!

I am also massively proud of loads of my customers and Matt - it gives me great joy knowing how well you are all coming on. So here goes....I will inevitably miss someone....

Teresa and Indi - Getting to the semis, having an awesome clear in the warm up, unfortunately 5f run in the event. Also looking great in G6 and getting loads of great places already!
Kay and Ry in the ring WOW!
Kay and Blue 2x2nds
Fran and Inga making it to semis!
Alexis and PC looking awesome in G6 and getting a 2nd and 3rd in your first few weeks!
Kelly and Maisie - STEEPLECHASE queen :) Her speed and confidence is growing!
Kim and Buzz, qualifying for beg schase final and winning G3 jumping at Gillingham Champ Show! 
Di and Lilly - first show - 4 out of 4 places  - what can I say?
Jill and Poppy - winning Beg Agility
Sam and Bo GRADE 6!
Tom GRADE 3 :)
Gail and Rio weaving in the KC ring :)
Mandy and Herb 3rd YAY
Vivienne Wells - UNSTOPPABLE winning everywhere!
Helene - 4 x 1sts in one day - wow!
Lizzie Rafter qualifying and winning into G3 STUNNING!
Sue Rafter and Lyra, Tina and Sue and Molly qualifying for tug-e-nuff WOW!
Sue and Coast 2nd and 3rd
Helen and Maisie winning cakes - YAY
Sian and Spice winning a Schase and Ash 4th in G1&2 Jumping KC
Amanda and Abi G4 WOOOOP
I will have forgotten loads..................I am not meaning to, there are soooooo many!

And a special well done to the Devongem pups too...
Matt winning two G5s easily at Gillingham, winning at KCI - you and Riot look fabulous xx
Fern and Cove G4 now and qualifying for every final under the sun lol :)
Linda and Brooke for winning a G5 at her first G5 show!
Dave and Boss for winning at KCI
Teresa and Zing - some fab places and speed!
Mist G5
Devo one win from G7
Tiki Olympia, G5 and at KCI too!
Chilli - qualifying for semis and being a very very talented girlie!
Bandit easily winning into 7

Well done beautiful pups I am so proud :):)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

I have had an awesome week, I feel so, so lucky. It has been really inspiring and I just love working with the Canadians - so much fun! I think it is such a great learning opportunity to work with others and I hope to go back twice next year. I read a lovely comment from the post below that really made me smile, it said, '

You are a really gifted coach and I feel really lucky to have been in camp with you. Thanks again for all the valuable input you gave to Max and myself. '

I really love having feedback and I cannot wait to see some of these people again. Although there are now so many things going on, and now babysitters to find, the whole pregnancy thing is really is starting to sink in, especially now the Canadians have bought me a Maple Logo'd baby grow! Very very funny and cute all at the same time!
We also have a lot to look forward to at home, see my Devongem Blog http://devondogs.blogspot.com/2011/08/reef-x-free-litter-hopefully-coming.html
I am really excited about this and can't wait to see how Free is as a mum, she is a great little dog with just the sweetest temperament. Reefs pups are gorgeous and have been doing so well so I think these two should complement each other well.

We have also had some fantastic results over the last few weeks. Riot, Ash and Buzz qualifying for the Schase final in Dec, Rory and Shadow qualifying for the juniors with Lizzy and Holly, Cove and Mist getting into KCI and DIN finals, Alexis and Teresa both getting trophy places in G6 it wont be long, Helene having four firsts with Archie in one day, Tiki, Brooke and Riot stroming into G5, Tina and Poppy stoming into G2, Coast and Sue Rafter getting 2nd and 3rd with their first two clears, Kim getting a KC third with Buzz - there are so many to mention, make sure you send all of your points to the agility club and if you are not a member here is the link - http://www.agilityclub.org/

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend - we have been training and chilling after a long flight yesterday,

Lauren x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Oh Canada.....

I have to say I hate flying, I mean I seriously hate it, however the rate of reinforcement once you get here - well it is AMAZING! I will write more asap - I am sorry it is short but hey, there is way to much to do here and way too much fun to be had......

Lots of smiles :)

Lauren  xx

Sunday, 7 August 2011

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”

I have to say that I LOVE teaching - I really do. This weekend we have had puppy camp and it has been great. The people we had were FANTASTIC, my helpers Vivienne, Helene and Mandy were phenomenal and everyone innvolved seemed to take away ideas. It was easy to be enthusiastic because the clientelle gave me so much back. I do have to say I think I have the best job in the world. I am currently editing photos but I will upload them to my fb asap. Thankyou to everyone who has written such great feedback on my page, it is so lovely to know how much you enjoyed it. We also had about 8 people offer to stay here and work - people seem to like Bowerland - well done Relocation Relocation!

The camp seemed to run alot easier than I thought but I think that came down to a lot of prep beforehand. Sue Rafter your food was just GREAT, thanx to you and Lizzie for making such an effort. Val and Sian - I dont know where I would have been without you this weekend - top team!! Matt and my mum for making sure all of the paper work, technology and organisational side is met and Fern for putting all of my resources together. Dad for tidying and strimming for three days solid....ah and a sigh of relief!

With all this hard work in mind are we mad, I think we are BUT we have decided to release our 2012 Summer Camp. It is aimed at all levels and although we are likely to run another puppy camp too we havent confirmed dates and times yet. With Summer camp  Dave Munnings, Jo Tristram Matt Rouse and Myself will be teaching - you can pick sessions that suit you and the handling system you use, there are contact, weave, foundation, young dogs, awesome handling, box work, advanced handling, motivation, 110% and more so if you prefer one trainers style to another or want a selection of all trainers this will be possible. Obviously the earlier you book the more choice you have as sessions will fill! There will be two sessions per day and you can gain more info via carole@devondogs.co.uk. The camp site is included and it is a fully functional hookup site with large clean toilets/showers - on booking we allow you to pick sessions and we are really excited about this camp.

If you want to camp, tent, B&B, travel all are options. We will be putting on some entertainment and ask you to book early with a £100 deposit sent to us at DD Bowerland Holiday Cottages to avoid any later disappointment. I know alot of my lovely DD people are planning on coming - you guys also recieve a discount if you are part of the new DD membership scheme!

I am now off to do some work with my own puppy - happy days.

Lauren Langman

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.”

So here is the email I have sent to my customers and seeing as I havent blogged for a while I thought I should keep our camp, workshop and blog readers up to date.....

Well it certainly was a shock, first comes the nausea, then the food avoidance, then the tiredness and yes, you guessed it we have recently discovered that we are expecting a baby, and to everyone’s surprise this time a furless version. No one is more shocked than me, well possibly our parents, I am still shocked and I have known for just over 4 weeks. It was certainly not in our immediate plans but Matt and I are really excited all the same and feel really lucky to be part of this rather special roller coaster. I am now almost 14 weeks pregnant.
Our baby is due on the 7th February, perfect timing I might add for next competition season however most untimely for Olympia! I have to chuckle to myself, I am obsessed and so I am sure a pregnancy won’t be holding me back for long, I really hope some of you are good with babies because we shall need some educating I mean seriously you could all be giving me 121's but Matt and I are both looking forward to learning.
So we wanted to let all of you guys, our valued customers and friends of the blog know first but also wanted to make sure that you feel secure with regards to the future of all of the classes and events which I can assure you by the way is very bright. Our suggested way forward is below and we are also open to suggestions. We will be looking at some of the groupings in particular the Mondays at 7pm and seeing which groups and trainers will work best together. I will look towards resuming a normal working life as soon as our routines are more established in 2012. We aim to have started most of these changes by 1st November 2011.
Workshops will be taken by both Matt and myself as long as I am feeling well, guest trainers will be invited end Jan-March to make sure you have an action packed few months with information overload and these will be helped by some of my valued DD trainers looking after the guest trainer. So far we have Anthony Clarke, Jo Tristram, Dave Munnings, Sian Illingworth, The Lakers, Kamal Fernandez and more booked.
Mondays will be taught by Fern Jeffery, Kim Loaring, Sian Beardsell and Vivienne Wells. I will lesson support, plan and also lesson evaluate
Tuesday mornings will be taught by Matt unless we let you know otherwise.
Tuesday one off evening workshops will be taught by the ever enthusiastic and energising Sue Rafter, again a long standing client and friend.
Wednesday Lifeskills will be taught by Vivienne Wells and supported by Fern Jeffery and Sian Beardsell. Vivienne is a long standing client and friend and is doing an excellent job with these classes and both Sian and Fern are becoming very well established in this area.
Thursdays will continue to be taught by Matt or myself and we do not plan to change this at all throughout this time. We may also look at putting in a 1.45 class on a Thursday but we need to see if there is sufficient interest first, please let us know if you could make this class.
I have attached our new DD membership scheme which will start from November 2011 although I can’t guarantee I won’t tweak it in the mean time. You can join this whenever you like and membership starts from November although you can book ahead immediately on joining – read the attached information(bloggers if you would like this please email over to carole@devondogs.co.uk) We are also in the middle of planning a very exciting Summer Camp for 2012 with two top handlers and trainers. This will be held locally on a gorgeous camp site tentatively from 2nd-6th July and watch this space for more information.
Information overload – that’s me! I would like to finish by letting you all know just how much we both love working in this area, we feel very privileged. Speaking for myself I am passionate about teaching, learning and progression and I hope you can enjoy these exciting changes with us.
Kind Regards

Lauren, Matt and all at Bowerland

Sunday, 19 June 2011

"Success breeds success."

Huge congratulations to Lizzy and Rory for winning out of Grade 1 today - FANTASTIC. Lizzy has worked so hard and Roar has not been the easiest dog - I am SO pleased for you, well done you.

I have been thinking about this alot, the thing that really helps individuals is group success, joint ventures and everyone being pleased for each other.

Some big well dones for grade move ups and qualifers:

PC Grade 6
Roar Grade 2
Cove Grade 2
Tagg Grade 3
Tiki Grade 4
Quinn Grade 4
Atom Grade 2
Lyla Grade 3
Brooke Grade 4
Inga Grade 3

Tiki, Indi and Riot Olympia Novice
Bailey Olympia Senior
Atom and Quinn Split Pairs
Reef, Lyla and Elsa Tugg-e-Nuff

Again I am sure there are loads more, these are just off the top of my head but HUGE well dones and so so pleased for you.

Make sure you all add your VOICE points, I have become really slack at this lately :) Below proud cousins Cove and Fiji :) Too cute!

Lauren xx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

In the last week I really have noticed how difficult it is to balance everything, we have been so busy and I wonder when it will end, but I realise this is probably what we need to get used to.

Fiji is my balance break, she loves training and I adore messing with tug, tricks and some groundwork in my breaks - what is yours?

Bowerland is full and DD is manic but I really do hope that we don't lose touch of friends and some fantastic customers in such busy times. Keeping together is progress and working together is success. We have made lots of excellent links in the past year but I dont want to forget our roots. Thankyou to everyone who has helped us get to this stage including our fantastic customers - you really are fab. We have really found our feet and I think you have all played a part.

We have lots of new training sessions planned, I am most pleased with a few new invites as guest trainers Kamal Fernandez top obedience trainer as well as Jo Tristram and Mark and Karen Laker. Everyone is welcome Devon Dogs or otherwise - the more the merrier, it is always fun to ideas share. Make sure you email for more information or keep an eye on the website http://www.devondogs.co.uk/.

Obedience has been at an all time high, all three classes are full with waiting lists, Vivienne and I are taking classes and the proof of people being happy is re uptake of classes so big well done to you Vivienne - FANTASTIC. Vivienne is pacey and exciting and has kept classes running smoothly, punctually and with a real sense of energy so I really feel very ready to hand her the ropes.

Shawn and Rhianna have been doing work experience here, there is always so much work it seems quiet without them, I hope they gained enough experience and realised how much work there is within this industry - it was great to have them.

Gregs seminar was even better than last time as the whole session was spent answering Q&A and contact, weave and dog training topics - fundamental for the future of agility training progression. I am always shocked at who comes and who doesnt, people are mad to miss the theory :)

Lastly the instructor course - 2012 dates are now out as 2011 is full - I really cant wait to get this going, exciting times!

Lauren Langman

Sunday, 12 June 2011

'The secret isn't in the knowing, it's in the doing.'

Devongem does it again :) today Matt qualified for the Olympia semis. I am so pleased for him and riot, they are working so well together! And they were in great company as he was closely followed by Teresa and Indi who had a smashing run! Congratulations to you both for qualifying!

It is great to see a plan come together. At training on Wednesday Jon and Helene really showed how much their partnerships were on top form. This takes timing, commitment and patience! Lots of all of it :) well done you guys!

Others have also been doing well I hear, sam&tom
Winning the pairs&qualifying at uka, kelly moving up to senior, Kim winning a class and qualifying for the tug-e-nuff alongside Jon and elsa. Tina and fantastic poppy having a 1st place I hear too - gosh there will be lots of cake and chocolate this week!

I think that the rain here has tried really hard to put us off but it has been a fantastic weekend :) rehab and tik 2nd&3rd in 1-4 jumping, Matt 1st in g4/5 jumping! Woop! Thames always put on a fantastic weekend even if you do feel a little shattered afterwards! We are off to another big weekend show next weekend & we have gregs seminar and q&a session this week so I am sure it will be a busy week. Congratulations to everyone :)


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The journey is the reward. Chinese Proverb

I am sat here drinking pink champagne, the world is GOOD! My best friend Lo is staying and helping and generally making herself busy here, it is a FULL TIME JOB for at least four people living here let alone enjoying here!

Love my puppy - Fiji La is divine :)

I am overjoyed at the weekend, DD had some FAN B*oo*y TASTIC results I mean A-MA-ZING!

Sam winning into G4!! WOOP G3 Agility - G4
Tom winning into G2!!!! YEE HA!
Fern winning her Agility!
Matt numerous places with Bailey!
Alexis a STUNNING run in the qualifier
My Gorgeous Reef winning his 1-7 jumping!
Mary and lovely Reef a 2nd in the qualifier - I am SOOOO pleased for you :)
Lovely Lesley and Jill for getting TROPHIES!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon and Elsa winning into G4 with stylllleeeeee :)
Teresa and Indi - a great agility run!
Kelly and Maisie a 5th, yes a 5th in 1-7 beating numerous g6 and 7 dogs :)

You guys are awesome - I am inspired being involved in teaching you - thankyou for choosing to come to us :)

Most of all, I adore teaching and I love to see you all doing well, but this weekend I also had to be more than over the moon with my new star girlie, cheeky Tiki, it is always hard having dogs like Reef and Pop and then bringing out the youngsters as they have just so much to live up to and I want so much from my dogs, but she did more than that for me this weekend at her fourth KC show winning her jumping and topping my whole year off with the KC qualifier too - by a big margin too! It felt great, like I am able to do this with different types of dogs both with temperament and type and I also bred her  - I cant describe it, I feel on cloud 9!

Thankyou Tikstar - today and forever I am grateful to you - you are a sweetie xx :)

Loving it all, especially my friends xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Live, laugh and learn a little more!

I am writing this blog from a show as I just feel elated! This weekend has been fun, so many great people to spend time with and so many reef puppies to munch! We have had a ball!

And success too - Reef and I won a g1-7, Kelly had a 5th in 1-7 with Maisie, Jon had a 5th&1st. Jill had a 3rd&4th, Lesley had clears and I know a 3rd, fern had a 1st and 3rd, Linda had a 1st & 2nd, Teresa had a great training run, sam&tom both 1sts and moving up a grade!! I will surely have forgotten someone! You are all too kool! Virginia for moving up a grade!

And for me personally my proudest moment has to be Tiki, Devongem Cantstopper, winning her jumping at packington, I am so proud of her, I could literally burst :):) I don't know why but I never expected her to be able to win a big open jumping course and she more than suprised me! I thought agility would be her thing!

I know a few others did well Dan had a second with code and a few others too - big well done!

I think ultimately keep doing what you are doing because it is paying off - you are all inspirational - particularly my newbies :) you do me proud! Today I am on cloud 9, can I stay?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

A wicked few days, 'Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.'

We have had a ball - it certainly has to be my favuourite DCS yet! The customers were all just FANTASTIC, you stepped up to the mark, you gave your all, you were positive and light hearted and all enjoyed the game.

I feel really lucky to be part of this show and the more we do it the better it gets, this year the stable was set up, we had a caravan on site and everyone mucked in. We tasted champagne, wine, mussels and took it all in. Lots of people brought their young agility dogs in Lily, Cove, Buzz, Spice, Coast and more and also some fab puppies Darcy, Fiji, George and more. It was a great few days and we had more than enough tickets for our helpers and supporting friends too - a pleasure BIG pat on the back!

So now we have a moment to ponder, lots to plan and a ray of huge positivity! The cottage website is being updated check out http://www.bowerlandcottageholidays.co.uk/ if you havent seen it for a while and send us any feedabck. We are FULL completely until November I think and we are having so many enquiries for next year with firm bookings - it is really exciting. What I love is that we are having access to training a real mixture of people - it is great! If you fancy a holiday next year or over Christmas be sure to give us a shout - we would love to have you!

There have also been some fab results over the last few weeks, Matt and Bailey are on top form and he qualified for Olympia at the rather competitive big Tunbridge Wells show. Linda and Brooke have really done well, she won yet another jumping to take her to grade 4 - Linda is a pleasure and Brooke is just lovely. Graeme and the rather special Rib went to the dizzy heights of grade 6, it was fantastic to recieve his text with such great news, we hope to see more of him really soon. Kelly and Rosie had a 3rd beating some younger and fitter dogs, this is fantastic seeing as Rosie is almost 11 and Kelly has almost retired her due to the fact she is slowing up and old age is taking over :( Archie and Helene are also on fire, a 3rd last week and a win today! Great Helene, you have worked so hard! Ultimately like the people below you are having fun - keep it that way!

Have a great week,

Lauren xx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”


We have been 'Oh SOOO' lucky - I still havent come down. Great company, great trainers and great friends. I feel like we are on a journey and one that I do not want to end. There really is too much to learn and too many new ideas to learn but I am really enjoying all of it.

We had great feedback from club and everyone that attended Susan's workshop - there is a lot to take on. We had quite a few of the Devongem pups there, that was nice and also a few other Reef pups. It is a real pleasure to watch these guys grow and develop I just love their shape.

In terms of lessons learnt there are many but the biggest one for me is that we are on the right track, we have a positive and friendly club ethos and alot of people who are enjoying doing well and helping each other along the way.

We have also had some great news in the last week but I will save that for another day - the future is exciting.

I hope you are all having a good time -

Lauren and all at busy Bowerland.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don't think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.”

You know sometimes we need to feel gratious, lucky to be alive, lucky to have great friends, families, dogs and company, clients and inspirational opportunities and great discussions. All of these are what make me tick, they are my oxygen, what makes me bounce out of bed and want to keep developing.

I cannot get over this year, life has thrown me into some amazing places, better than I ever could have impagined and yet I am so grateful. I feel just so lucky and also so aware of how much I still have to learn, to develop and to improve.

 I have also realised the people I spend time with is really, really important to me. The last few days have been so much fun, above see Reef and his new Canadian girlfriends Favor Hill and Feature his athletic relative (some kind of relation) and the gorgeous Encore. These dogs are just beautiful in so many ways.
It has also been great to spend some time with mum, dad and Jonny Hill and John Blenkey - just a fab few days.

So pleased to hear from almost everyone on the workshop with such great feedback - this realtionship is a good one, I can just feel it and I am so pleased you can all be part of it!

I can't wait for tomorrow - contact and weave day - very exciting!

Lauren x