Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Most Perfect Training Time

The last few days a few friends/colleagues/clients and I have been training, remotely at times, but training all the same and it really has been lovely. Sharing ideas and learning and talking to each other. It really has been great fun and I will post some videos of the progress soon. Lovely to have clients/colleagues/friends to develop with - I am very lucky having such great people to link in with and touch base with.

The little ban here at Bowerlands has been a god send, and Newhall too. They have both been great to rely on in this crazy weather and havent stopped play!

Below is a video of Pop and Rhyme - Devongem Dante.

It is great to have the Lakers staying in 'The Hayloft' at 'Bowerlands' as they are just such great friends and we really enjoy not just their company but their lovely dogs too, particularly their two Devongem boys :) G5 Devongem Crystal Method and 12 week old Devongem Dante. It is a real pleasure :)

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful break :) and I cant wait to share some of these wonderful ideas with you in the new year,

Lauren xxxxx

Monday, 27 December 2010

And the snow....turns to slush and the barn is a godsend!

Am really pleased I am on holiday now - the weather is crazy, first snow now slush puppies!!

Am over the moon with some photos a friend sent me recently - as well as being a very passionate dog trainer I am also a really proud and dedicated breeder. I really want to do my part with breeding 'good' type BCs and agility dogs. Below are pups from my recent two litters and I am so proud - they are not only gorgeous but talented too and I couldnt be happier - their owners are a pleasure and I definately enjoy this part of having puppies :)

What I love about these photos is you can see what a little monkey Ditto is, and how Reef Boss is :)

Lovely :)

Back to training although I am off the barn has been busy - if you would like to book in for an hour email or text me and if there is a gap I am more than happy for you to hire it - it is definately better it gets used as the wet slush snow is not exactly ideal to train on :)

Lauren xx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Olympia excitement and more puppies....

So Olympia has come and gone - my god it happens so fast - I need more than one dog there as I just need to be there for a few days - I just love it!

This year, although I had been really quite poorly beforehand - I even managed to get a prescription for an inhaler and antibiotics - I definately felt very confident in Reef at this level. He was just great and although we got elimninated at the very end it was a pretty good E if I do say so myself :) I love that the crowd go ahhhh and that the commentator said he was at 11 seconds just after the seesaw and compared to lots of others that seems pretty fast even with his very eloquent spin before the a frame. I definately felt that I could trust him and that he has grown up alot and feels very ready for grade 7 and the next Olympia he attends he will be up with the big boys. I did call him at the end expecting him to carry on blasting ahead of me in the excitement of that atmosphere and I wasn't quick enough to correct my cue however he really is showing that he is fast, responsive and able to listen to cue at that level - I do love this boy :) Below is his vid - I am having running lessons for Christmas ;)

We also have some great news in that Reef is expecting another litter with the gorgeous merlie girlie Hoax - I really cant wait to see if there is a merlie Reef. I do have to say I am not a massive red merle fan but I do love blue merles - particularly real blue blue merles if you get what I mean - so will be interesting to see what they have - Gem has said they are the Designer litter of pups :) AWWW :)

Above is Reef - he is so proud and I do have to say I couldn't love this dog anymore if I tried - Darleyfalls No Feer - I am so happy you are mine :) lovely lovely boy xx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Devongem boys and winter preparations....

Devon Dogs is definately winding down for Christmas. Olympia is coming up and we have some time to relax and enjoy the festive spirit!

Lesley Huggins, a close friend and customer has taken the pics below. Really nice to see all of the boys looking so healthy.

Devongem Dark Knight - out of Popi x Fen

Darleyfalls No Feer - 3years old

Just Coastin at Devongem

I really adore my dogs, I don't know what it is but there is something so special about these Devongem boys.

Hope you are having a productive day :)

Lauren xx

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Well it was certainly different...

Today Matt and I had a day off, a very unusual phenomenon! Gorgeous Rock left yesterday a VERY spoilt, confident and well adjusted little puppy. He was just gorgeous, very OTT and great at tuggy - just the type of puppy I would pick but I don't regret my decision not to keep one, I have my eye on a pup next year and these pups all had such fantastic homes lined up I could not say no. I am really pleased Jon has him and cant wait to see him progress with DD as a future star.

So Matt and I had a very different day, we both get on so well lately it is really great to have someone like minded to spend time with and have fun with. We have been through thick and thin with the first house move, the caravan and now the new house but finally we are settled and it feels good.

We had lunch in wagamamas - great food, great atmosphere and really, really buzzy! I spent far too much money, my new accessories are amazing (thanks to the help of my personal shopper;);) and came home very happy :)

It was also great knowing that someone was back at the house looking after everything whilst we were out as often having dogs taking a whole day away doesnt sit comfortably but our new lifestyle seems to be sitting very well. We have lots of friends and family to lean on and mutually support when needed. Val has been trying out some work at Bowerlands too and lucky as poor Fern has fallen at home and so Val is able to help cover. It is a great community of friends and support and it just makes life so much more fun.

I am grateful to all of those around us and all of my friends too. I am also grateful to my life coaches - you are fab and you know who you are ;)

"If people around you aren't going anywhere, if their dreams are no bigger than hanging out on the corner, or if they're dragging you down, get rid of them. Negative people can sap your energy so fast, and they can take your dreams from you, too." ~ Earvin Johnson

I am so pleased to have such fab people around, the last few months have been mad but by surrounding myself with people that ooze positive vibes has really made it all much more manageable. I also love it that we have had so many friends at Bowerlands - the cottages, house, spare rooms and even the caravan has been full. I cant wait for Summer bbqs and wine :)

Below is a summer vid - we need to watch these this time of year to remind us that the lovely ground will return. It was taken two years ago and I love the progress that Reef has made but also adore this dog 100000000 times more now and dread to think how much more I will love him in the future - I may burst :) :) Have a good Sunday........

Thursday, 2 December 2010

A brilliant evening....

Well tonight was lovely, the snow set the scene, the people are fab and the atmosphere is great, everyone enjoys everyones company and celebrates everyones success and DD really has team spirit. It is funny as not all groups gel but the Thur night groups just seem to have that feel good factor, I am not sure why all I can say is if I could bottle this feeling I would - I know it is what success is made of - I can just feel it. Long may it continue.
Thursday Night Training - Christmas Drinks & Lovely Food
We must've been mad..... -3.5 degrees, and that was inside!!!

Rock learning VERY naughty habits at his first agility class??? Mulled wine!

This is Dobbie  - sorry - mistaken PC!!!

Ahhhhhhh.........the start of a beautiful relationship!

Jon and his new 'Babe Magnet' puppy Rock

Thankyou to all of the Devon Dogs club for making this year so fantastic. We really hope to continue our success into 2011. Have a fantastic break and we will see you fresh in the new year :)

Monday, 29 November 2010

Picking a groom for Olympia and preparation....

The last few months have been so busy, my feet rarely touch my lovely new heated floor in my new pad at Bowerlands but I am loving it......

It definately has been more difficult this year picking a groom for Olympia and normally it would be Matt however Matt has done fantastically well in 2010 by qualifying not only for the novice with Indi but also for the Large KC Olympia Stakes with Bailey. This is a massive achievement and I am really proud of him not only as his partner but also as his very accomplished trainer ;) ;) I am really impressed :)

Therefore he can't be my groom. So the search was on and I narrowed it down to three people who I really thought I would work well with on the day Sian, Kim and Helen. These three people are not just clients but also trusted friends who always make me feel good. Kim is coming to watch, Sian is looking after our dogs and Helen Brown who is my groom :) She is really excited and so am I.

I am sure they could all be there in their own right one day, particularly Sian who is just a baby at the sport - at just 16 she is already an amazing dog trainer - see Spice below Dash of Spice at Devongem.

So Helen and I are excited we have the hotel sorted as well as car parks, meals and I am really pleased to have the benefit of a good and very trusted friend coming along with me. The next week or so is looking great - Stretcholt, Thurs Christmas group, training with a friend, WAO qualifiers and some time off in a holiday cottage with the dogs up country. Lovely :)

Lauren xx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

A day of development...

Days like these are what life should be made of....

Today we had fabulous friends, trainees, discussion and learning. I definately feel like everything is starting to fall into place. It was lovely to have Gemma Hanekom here as she is definately like minded and I really wish she was closer. I also really appreciated how much Mark and Karen are making such close relationships not just personally with us, as we have always got on well, but also with our club as they really knew many of the individuals that were with us today.

On another note Gemma picked up Hoax, it has been really interesting to have this little Merlie girlie to stay. Last night we had a FULL house - Mark, Karen, Mel, Val and obviously all of our family and LOADS of dogs. One thing is for sure there is never a dull moment at Bowerlands :)

Below is puppy Rhyme leaving with the Lakers - he is destined for greatness I am sure :)

Today I am grateful for great friends, colleagues and family. I really enjoy life right now xxxx

Below Reef and the puppy development book - he is a very dedicated father ha :) xx

Friday, 26 November 2010

A fantastic week.....

Busy bee, yes thats me but this week has been so productive. I really have a few things I am grateful for this week, Fern, Val and Sian - you guys make everything so much easier. Matt you are fantastic at coping with the madness! My mum and dad for tolerating everything. The dogs for always offering more. See the puppies :)

I absolutely love training my dogs and I do have to say a big thankyou this week to all of those people that help me to enjoy it even more. Stretcholt - I just love being able to train with like minded people and enjoy the company of so many great people. Thursday evenings are also just THE BEST I really love teaching every single partnership, the club just seems to go from strength to strength and there are some amazing partnerships developing. I also have to thank the last group - I ADORE working in this group, particularly with the banter and of course the dog that looks like Dobby and Salexis (you have to be there) and some talented partnerships - I really had been missing this in my own training and over the past few months I really fill this group has taken my own individual training to the next level. And finally a thankyou to Gary - your texts re Tiki made me smile and I really cant wait to do more with her :) She is such a fab girly and the squealing and growling into her weaves makes me chuckle!

Monday, 22 November 2010

The most surreal day...

Oh the fun..............

As you can see, our day has been action packed, fun filled and really different. Filming last time was absolutely exhilarating as we were staying in a hotel, eating out for every meal and looking at new homes. Life is so different now and I cant believe this is the end of the story as the 'relocation relocation,' team would say and here we are. I am at home, life is good and I love our new home.

Bowerlands has so many opportunities and the future seems too good to be true, I wake up most mornings and can't believe how lucky we are. This place is inspiring. I feel really content - for once :)

The team were wow, Kirsty is just fabulous and so interesting and yet very down to earth with it. We had lunch at a lovely local pub and then trained the dogs for the camera, Reef fell in love with everyone and everyone loved Reef and the puppies. Some days are just destined to be good and today was one of them....

The programme is aiming to go out in January and will be the first of the new series - watch this space.

If you havent seen the puppies check out my Devongem puppy blog

Lauren xx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Course Analysis

Course analysis is certainly a weak area in many peoples agility ability. Today certainly pulled up some areas of weakness for lots of our guests at Bowerlands to work on but also interestingly showed some of the strengths of certain dog and handler partnerships and built the confidence of some individuals. I am going to name them as I am sure most of the people that follow this blog have a real interest in DD and what we do here.

Jon and Elsa and Karen and Shadow both really showed that their agility ability is 'On Track!' They were certainly really outstanding in not only their knowledge but also their execution. Well done guys you are both doing a FANTASTIC job. Also a massive well done to Helene and Archie, boy this dog is looking fast and you two are really going to get it together this year. Well done :)

Above is Bowerlands - I hope you all had as good a day as Matt and I did - thankyou for your texts, out of the 10 customers who came today 7 text us to say how much they enjoyed it. Thankyou for your comments guys - always appreciated.

Lauren Langman

Saturday, 20 November 2010

More vision, more hope and a touch of reality....

Am so excited - Matt and his cool company tug-e-nuff have recently produced a DVD. We are in exciting times - I am so proud of him. Dave M is one of my best friends and has a Devongem pup from us who features in the DVD and Matt, my partner and best friend has done all of the design, editing and promotions and produced the DVD. 1000 dvds will be sold at the pre order reduced price  -  do not miss out :)

Lauren Langman

Friday, 19 November 2010

A head full of visions and a heart full of hopes....

So I read my stars and they say, "Here's a car. Here's the key. Here's a wide, empty road, anything missing from the list? Er...How about fuel to power the engine."

Sometimes I think that Bengally the cat has the right idea.....

I really feel that my feet just have not hit the floor, I am relying on so many fantastic peoples help. I don't know how I would have coped lately without quite a few FAB friends and boyfriend, employees, family, supportive colleagues and wonderful dogs :) Even my customers are outstanding and keep me fantastically grounded, Alexis, Vivienne and Jan Windsor - you are all rocks. Like I said above my head is full of visions and my heart is full of hopes and I am really looking forward to my break over Christmas to start an action plan - off for a family meal now - Bonus - Lloyd and Maria, Myself and Matt and Mum and Dad - and Relocation Relocation are here Monday - whirlwind days.

Lauren xxxx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Popi's Birthday....

Popi and I had a fab day, alog with Tiki, Reef, Coast and the pups. We went for a whole days 121 and really got to grips with a few of the things I am working on.

Coast was impressive, I really am enjoying this dog. He is patient yet responsive, very focused and mature and loves food and toys and yet can settle when you ask him. He is certainly on track for a dog of his age and I can't wait to develop him. Reef and I practiced a few well needed behaviours for the next few months - I am so proud of him as a dog - he is just so good now and feels very comfortable with a great understanding of so many behaviours, and Tiki is coming on really quickly - now I have invested more time in her she is really looking very Popi and gives me all of her attitudae! LITERALLY! :) Freebie couldnt come which was a shame as she was keeping Helene and Archie company - she really is the most lovely little BC, absolutely perfect for breed as she is just so well adjusted and even yet VERY willing to roll up her sleeves and get to work. Today I feel lucky to have such a great team of dogs and enjoy investing time in our relationships!

Below is Popi - I can't believe she is 8 today - this dog has given me so much, my first BC and she was the best move I ever made, she took me to G7 status at just 23months, qualified for Olympia and then the World Championships TWICE and has had 3 gorgeous litters. I feel very lucky to have her in my life and can't wait to get her working again next year - she has NOTHING to proove, she owes me nothing, I owe her everything - thankyou Mrs POPs xx

Monday, 15 November 2010

Bowerlands Visitors....

Sue and Nigel left last week and after asking their permission I have printed their card - here goes -

"Dear Lauren and co..

Just want to say a really big thankyou for letting mum and dad bring us on holiday and for giving them some lessons. We had a really great time and agility really has been fun. I am sure mum has already told you but I had a great time at the show and only clipped a pole (mum's fault) otherwise our time would have been third! Mum was delighted and don't you worry I got paid well :) Rigsby and dad went faster than normal and brought home another 2 rosettes!

Mum chose flowers for you but I thought you might like something nice to eat. Looking forward to our next holiday already. Just keep reminding mum and dad about lots of lovely food and dont forget the ball. Woof, woof

Molly and Rigsby xx'

What a pleasure to have these visitors on site and to train :) I feel very lucky - above are the puppies - cant believe they are only 4weeks - they act sooooo mature play bowing and staring right into your eyes - gorgeous :)

Lauren xx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

And the weekend just got better :) :)

Fabulous Training Day - EXCELLENT PEOPLE, fantastic young dogs and lots of food for thought at Bowerlands. As usual lovely food although my naughty father forgot the cheese board, tut tut! The pups have just had so much socialisation! Virginia has now left but we are full again next week and then Dave Munnings is back and Karen Laker and Mel Doyle too - lucky Jonathon Woodger is able to visit as often as he likes and the puppies will all be gone by mid December - they really have had a FAB start even if I do say so myself :) Happy days :) xxxx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dartmoor show

We decided to go to Dartmoor despite the mud mainly because it is 6, yes 6 minutes away from Bowerlands. We had a FAB show with some great results.......and cloudy lemonade to top it off....It left me with a real buzz :) We also took the new van - mistake - MUD CENTRAL!

Sian and Ash had a 3rd in G1&2 Agility  -  well done you!
Lauren and Reef 3rd in G5-7 Agility with a very held seesaw :) bonus as thought I had 5r :)
Linda and Gyp - 3rd in ABC
Alexis and Ruby clear in agility but we had to leave - we had a long way home - hehehehe
Nigel and Rigsby 9th in 1 agility
Sue and Molly some really really motivated runs - well done you :)
Also lovely to watch some great progress from lots of different partnerships.

A lovely show and some very appropriate courses I thought - and lovely Chris Huckle judging - we always enjoy his courses! Thankyou Chris!

Then back to Bowerlands for some cuddles and coffee and had to say no to others as house was full! Great for puppies and lovely reward for us :)


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Virginia Harry from the Voice, Karen Laker and David Munnings....

Well we have been busy this week, camera people, photographers, Virginia Harry and a lesson a day, Dave Munnings and Karen Laker and I just feel like my feet havent touched the ground.....

Karen has picked her puppy, Dave Munnings wants a puppy and Virginia Harry is after a puppy hehe, there just arent enough to go around. Lessons have been fantastic - everyone is keen and love teaching people with such a passion for what they do. I just feel very lucky to be in such a privileged position.

Today I worked in the barn - this weather is just unpleasant but am lucky to have a lit space to go into. Off to Newhall to teach now - please let the weather be kind :) Above is Reef - he is just a pleasure :)