Sunday, 21 November 2010

Course Analysis

Course analysis is certainly a weak area in many peoples agility ability. Today certainly pulled up some areas of weakness for lots of our guests at Bowerlands to work on but also interestingly showed some of the strengths of certain dog and handler partnerships and built the confidence of some individuals. I am going to name them as I am sure most of the people that follow this blog have a real interest in DD and what we do here.

Jon and Elsa and Karen and Shadow both really showed that their agility ability is 'On Track!' They were certainly really outstanding in not only their knowledge but also their execution. Well done guys you are both doing a FANTASTIC job. Also a massive well done to Helene and Archie, boy this dog is looking fast and you two are really going to get it together this year. Well done :)

Above is Bowerlands - I hope you all had as good a day as Matt and I did - thankyou for your texts, out of the 10 customers who came today 7 text us to say how much they enjoyed it. Thankyou for your comments guys - always appreciated.

Lauren Langman