Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I couldn't help but post it :)

I have been looking at blogs today and checking emails and FB and ahhhhhh I have spare time on my hands. My fabulous helpers agreed to work without me as I just felt too ILL :( so whilst searching and blogging I found a lovely informative blog and reading this really cheered me up along with Tiki and Reef who helped me work! (well sort of - their whole face just says MISCHIEF!)

The blog talks about, "Games and early training, and everything we've picked up from the wonderful Lauren Langman of Devon Dogs. Hopefully this should give us the best possible start! And if we put in the effort to building a solid foundation, then introducing the pieces of equipment at 12 months is so very, very easy that they'll be out there competing successfully in no time! You only have to look at the results of those coming through Lauren's training system to know that it works - all those coming through Devon Dogs go to their first few shows and seem to start winning classes straight away, and move up through the levels so fast, achieving such consistently good results. And I know she's one of the biggest proponents of Foundation training in this country. If we only lived closer we'd be down there training with her every week! (and we have more-than-jokingly looked at the possibility of moving in her direction so we could!!)"

Thankyou guys - you really boosted my day along with Vivienne who is an inspiring person to teach, work with and know! And to the lovely Tiki and Reef too :) Even though you are wild :)