Sunday, 28 August 2011

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

I have had an awesome week, I feel so, so lucky. It has been really inspiring and I just love working with the Canadians - so much fun! I think it is such a great learning opportunity to work with others and I hope to go back twice next year. I read a lovely comment from the post below that really made me smile, it said, '

You are a really gifted coach and I feel really lucky to have been in camp with you. Thanks again for all the valuable input you gave to Max and myself. '

I really love having feedback and I cannot wait to see some of these people again. Although there are now so many things going on, and now babysitters to find, the whole pregnancy thing is really is starting to sink in, especially now the Canadians have bought me a Maple Logo'd baby grow! Very very funny and cute all at the same time!
We also have a lot to look forward to at home, see my Devongem Blog
I am really excited about this and can't wait to see how Free is as a mum, she is a great little dog with just the sweetest temperament. Reefs pups are gorgeous and have been doing so well so I think these two should complement each other well.

We have also had some fantastic results over the last few weeks. Riot, Ash and Buzz qualifying for the Schase final in Dec, Rory and Shadow qualifying for the juniors with Lizzy and Holly, Cove and Mist getting into KCI and DIN finals, Alexis and Teresa both getting trophy places in G6 it wont be long, Helene having four firsts with Archie in one day, Tiki, Brooke and Riot stroming into G5, Tina and Poppy stoming into G2, Coast and Sue Rafter getting 2nd and 3rd with their first two clears, Kim getting a KC third with Buzz - there are so many to mention, make sure you send all of your points to the agility club and if you are not a member here is the link -

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend - we have been training and chilling after a long flight yesterday,

Lauren x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Oh Canada.....

I have to say I hate flying, I mean I seriously hate it, however the rate of reinforcement once you get here - well it is AMAZING! I will write more asap - I am sorry it is short but hey, there is way to much to do here and way too much fun to be had......

Lots of smiles :)

Lauren  xx

Sunday, 7 August 2011

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”

I have to say that I LOVE teaching - I really do. This weekend we have had puppy camp and it has been great. The people we had were FANTASTIC, my helpers Vivienne, Helene and Mandy were phenomenal and everyone innvolved seemed to take away ideas. It was easy to be enthusiastic because the clientelle gave me so much back. I do have to say I think I have the best job in the world. I am currently editing photos but I will upload them to my fb asap. Thankyou to everyone who has written such great feedback on my page, it is so lovely to know how much you enjoyed it. We also had about 8 people offer to stay here and work - people seem to like Bowerland - well done Relocation Relocation!

The camp seemed to run alot easier than I thought but I think that came down to a lot of prep beforehand. Sue Rafter your food was just GREAT, thanx to you and Lizzie for making such an effort. Val and Sian - I dont know where I would have been without you this weekend - top team!! Matt and my mum for making sure all of the paper work, technology and organisational side is met and Fern for putting all of my resources together. Dad for tidying and strimming for three days solid....ah and a sigh of relief!

With all this hard work in mind are we mad, I think we are BUT we have decided to release our 2012 Summer Camp. It is aimed at all levels and although we are likely to run another puppy camp too we havent confirmed dates and times yet. With Summer camp  Dave Munnings, Jo Tristram Matt Rouse and Myself will be teaching - you can pick sessions that suit you and the handling system you use, there are contact, weave, foundation, young dogs, awesome handling, box work, advanced handling, motivation, 110% and more so if you prefer one trainers style to another or want a selection of all trainers this will be possible. Obviously the earlier you book the more choice you have as sessions will fill! There will be two sessions per day and you can gain more info via The camp site is included and it is a fully functional hookup site with large clean toilets/showers - on booking we allow you to pick sessions and we are really excited about this camp.

If you want to camp, tent, B&B, travel all are options. We will be putting on some entertainment and ask you to book early with a £100 deposit sent to us at DD Bowerland Holiday Cottages to avoid any later disappointment. I know alot of my lovely DD people are planning on coming - you guys also recieve a discount if you are part of the new DD membership scheme!

I am now off to do some work with my own puppy - happy days.

Lauren Langman

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.”

So here is the email I have sent to my customers and seeing as I havent blogged for a while I thought I should keep our camp, workshop and blog readers up to date.....

Well it certainly was a shock, first comes the nausea, then the food avoidance, then the tiredness and yes, you guessed it we have recently discovered that we are expecting a baby, and to everyone’s surprise this time a furless version. No one is more shocked than me, well possibly our parents, I am still shocked and I have known for just over 4 weeks. It was certainly not in our immediate plans but Matt and I are really excited all the same and feel really lucky to be part of this rather special roller coaster. I am now almost 14 weeks pregnant.
Our baby is due on the 7th February, perfect timing I might add for next competition season however most untimely for Olympia! I have to chuckle to myself, I am obsessed and so I am sure a pregnancy won’t be holding me back for long, I really hope some of you are good with babies because we shall need some educating I mean seriously you could all be giving me 121's but Matt and I are both looking forward to learning.
So we wanted to let all of you guys, our valued customers and friends of the blog know first but also wanted to make sure that you feel secure with regards to the future of all of the classes and events which I can assure you by the way is very bright. Our suggested way forward is below and we are also open to suggestions. We will be looking at some of the groupings in particular the Mondays at 7pm and seeing which groups and trainers will work best together. I will look towards resuming a normal working life as soon as our routines are more established in 2012. We aim to have started most of these changes by 1st November 2011.
Workshops will be taken by both Matt and myself as long as I am feeling well, guest trainers will be invited end Jan-March to make sure you have an action packed few months with information overload and these will be helped by some of my valued DD trainers looking after the guest trainer. So far we have Anthony Clarke, Jo Tristram, Dave Munnings, Sian Illingworth, The Lakers, Kamal Fernandez and more booked.
Mondays will be taught by Fern Jeffery, Kim Loaring, Sian Beardsell and Vivienne Wells. I will lesson support, plan and also lesson evaluate
Tuesday mornings will be taught by Matt unless we let you know otherwise.
Tuesday one off evening workshops will be taught by the ever enthusiastic and energising Sue Rafter, again a long standing client and friend.
Wednesday Lifeskills will be taught by Vivienne Wells and supported by Fern Jeffery and Sian Beardsell. Vivienne is a long standing client and friend and is doing an excellent job with these classes and both Sian and Fern are becoming very well established in this area.
Thursdays will continue to be taught by Matt or myself and we do not plan to change this at all throughout this time. We may also look at putting in a 1.45 class on a Thursday but we need to see if there is sufficient interest first, please let us know if you could make this class.
I have attached our new DD membership scheme which will start from November 2011 although I can’t guarantee I won’t tweak it in the mean time. You can join this whenever you like and membership starts from November although you can book ahead immediately on joining – read the attached information(bloggers if you would like this please email over to We are also in the middle of planning a very exciting Summer Camp for 2012 with two top handlers and trainers. This will be held locally on a gorgeous camp site tentatively from 2nd-6th July and watch this space for more information.
Information overload – that’s me! I would like to finish by letting you all know just how much we both love working in this area, we feel very privileged. Speaking for myself I am passionate about teaching, learning and progression and I hope you can enjoy these exciting changes with us.
Kind Regards

Lauren, Matt and all at Bowerland