Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dream on....

Some weeks are good, others aren’t so, you have to learn to dance with the flow of life and enjoy even the slightly more difficult situations. Note to self - learn - I am certainly in the learning phase of this....We are lucky enough to have a lot of wonderful people around – I really do enjoy the DD team which seems to be ever expanding and just getting stronger. We are also getting more knowledgable all of the time - love how training is moving forward!

We had a great weekend, we visited our most local show,caught up with a lot of great people and came home very pleased with the dogs. I sometimes am frustrated with things but I am certainly learning to enjoy each dog for their individual merits, I am less likely to blame the dog for I am more aware than ever that their limitations really are my own lack of time, creativity or willingness to listen to the subtleties that they are trying their very hardest to show me. My favourite run of the day had to be Coastys - he really was flying although Matt and Riot are certainly looking unstoppable and Tikis weave entries are impressing me!

I cant believe how time is flying either, Matt and I have just 11 weeks until we will officially become, dare I say it, parents. This is seriously life changing and scary and I certainly have ups and downs with it I shall blame all that on the hormones however I can say that on the whole it has not been a bad few months and I am very lucky to be 29 weeks pregnant and still running around courses - thankyou body!
On another note Relocation Relocation was on again the other day. It reminded me how much life has changed in a year and how lucky we really are. I feel amazed that one of my fairy tale dreams completely came true.The dreams just keep coming - I think I am beynd obsessed now and at the point of possessed :)

I hope you have all had a good week - the last few weeks for us have been a real pleasure down at Bowerland with great workshops and lovely customers, it really has been very enjoyable. If you are not already visiting for a workshop do check out the huge variety we have going on down here. We are so lucky - take advantage from jump days to puppy days to lifeskills!

Take a look at our website www.devondogs.co.uk on the courses and bookings page and have a browse for yourself. We have some availability on the following workshops:

One space on Awesome Handling this weekend 26th Nov

Lifeskills 2011/2012
Stretcholt 2012
Rebecca Sharples 15th Jan Physio Day
14th January - Canine Conditioning and looking after the Canine Athlete
Canine Development Day March 4th

March Jump Day
Anthony Clarke Jan 8th Attack The Course
Tues AM workshops / Tues PM workshops
Jo Tristram Young Dogs Day - 4th Feb
Jo Tristram Awesome Partnerships Day -Jan 21st

Puppy Development Day 1st April
4th Feb and 31st March Sian Illingworth
Dave Munnings and so much more....

We have so much to offer please see the website to look at our whole selection of workshops and we really hope to see you soon.

If you are not already a DD member please see the information on the website and also our latest newsletter. This month there is an offer on workshops - spend £100 and save £10.

Feel free to send over the bookings as soon as you know what you would like to book on, we look forward to hearing from you.


Saturday, 5 November 2011

So much to do.......

I am so pleased that Lesley Huggins could take some photos of the pups, we have had so little time over the last week it would have been a real shame to miss them!

If you do want any agility/contact/action/weave pics Lesley uses the field at weekends quite often to capture dogs - let us or her know and I am sure she would be more than happy to take pics for you. The canvases she has printed are excellent.

Above are Boost and Spider - both pups are now happily in homes. This week I have been reading Appleby on Habituation and Socialisation. Habituation is described as 'the process whereby an animal becomes accustomed to non-threatening environmental stimuli.'

Although counter condiditioning is an option correct learning is always preferable. Another interesting piece of information for me is that experiments show puppies who have experienced pre stress in early life have a good capacity to cope with it later in life whereas those who do not, cannot cope.

On another note we have had the busiest week and it just seems to get busier, Ultimate Handling only has 24hours until sign up closes so make sure all of you DD people get signed up - what an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the best. See www.ultimateagility.com, sign up closes 6pm tomorrow evening. Lessons will cost £8.30 each. Dont miss out!

Lastly thankyou for your lovely emails re the LLAAI - I had a ball teaching it and cant wait to teach next years level 1s and level 2s!

Lauren xx