Saturday, 5 November 2011

So much to do.......

I am so pleased that Lesley Huggins could take some photos of the pups, we have had so little time over the last week it would have been a real shame to miss them!

If you do want any agility/contact/action/weave pics Lesley uses the field at weekends quite often to capture dogs - let us or her know and I am sure she would be more than happy to take pics for you. The canvases she has printed are excellent.

Above are Boost and Spider - both pups are now happily in homes. This week I have been reading Appleby on Habituation and Socialisation. Habituation is described as 'the process whereby an animal becomes accustomed to non-threatening environmental stimuli.'

Although counter condiditioning is an option correct learning is always preferable. Another interesting piece of information for me is that experiments show puppies who have experienced pre stress in early life have a good capacity to cope with it later in life whereas those who do not, cannot cope.

On another note we have had the busiest week and it just seems to get busier, Ultimate Handling only has 24hours until sign up closes so make sure all of you DD people get signed up - what an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the best. See, sign up closes 6pm tomorrow evening. Lessons will cost £8.30 each. Dont miss out!

Lastly thankyou for your lovely emails re the LLAAI - I had a ball teaching it and cant wait to teach next years level 1s and level 2s!

Lauren xx