Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Introducing Coast and Spice

So most of you guys probably already know these two however I know that lots of you have been asking me what they are like in training. Well to be honest we don't do a huge amount of agility bar foundation, solid waits, good strong hand targets demonstrated in this video with constant pressure for food, balance, propriaceptive work and focus in groups. There head space is great really strong work ethics and lovely drive for toys - both natural learners in lots of ways and are very rarely worried by anything.

All of the youngsters are coming on really well in groups and I am really looking forward to the upcoming YD sequencing, new foundation block and youngster for sport training. All are full so please don't try to book on now - we will run these courses again soon! I saw Zing, Effi, Wookie, Dusty and Brooke on Monday and Cove and Coast trained on Tuesday and all are looking gorgeous.

What I think the video shows is that both youngsters are willing to work equally for food/toys. Both can maintain focus on the task in hand and both are learning how to use their bodies at different stages of development. I can certainly see a real difference in Coast lately as being male it often takes them that tiny bit longer to learn to co-ordinate and am really pleased with the progress I see from both dogs. They are in most of the same groups as Brooke below and we are really pleased with how they are all coming on. Dont work your pups too hard guys but do the right foundation and it all pays off dividends :)


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Winter Training Plans are well and truly kicking off.....

Have just been writing an article for the voice and it really has got me thinking, you guys are so good at putting your whole hearts, energy and soul into what you do - you really do make me enjoy what we do!

Looking at the next few months we have some really great Winter Training Plan (WTP) sessions coming up - please dont book any before you have checked re availability, quite a few of them are now FULL and operationg waiting lists! I personally am particularly looking forward to our WTP already with skills days, youngsters for sports days, grids and jump skills sessions, SPRINT days (for owners) awesome handling workshops and Performance Nerves days with a very skilled musician with a vast international profile. These are all part of our game plan both personally as a trainer and for you guys! So my task for you all this week is to tell me what you want, to tell me how and when you want it and I will really try my best! Well, within reason of course ;)

I am so proud of so many of your achievements this year as well as our own individual achievements and I really think we are very lucky to have this therefore we must keep developing and learning like this.....GAME ON!

I am leaving you with a video of Jon and Elsa - Jon has had a fab season so far going from G1-3, has he achieved his goals this season? Now that would be telling ;)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Some more fantastic DD and training results

Okay so this season is nearly ending and it really hasn't stopped amazing me, right from the start really!

We trained up near Shauna Lyons and had a fab day training both Shauna and her friends. I have to say miss Breeze was FANTASTIC. Shauna is working through all of her puppy foundation and doing such a great job - she plays like a demon Shauna :)

We then travelled to Thatcham - absolutely shattered. We bought lovely Waitrose food and satin the caravan for about 18hours before we decided to see the show. The dogs were happy playing and chewing in the garden and we were just so tired we knew we needed to get some proper rest before the final that eve, the reason we were in Thatcham. Reef and Bailey were both stars as usual and it really is becoming a bit of a trend to us to do well! They won the final beating some great dogs. In secon were Tim Marsh and Lesley Olden. We were both ecstatic - our second year in a row!

On Sunday I only did two runs - a power and speed with Reef 1st place in 13seconds winning by nearly 5 seconds! And a training run with Tiki, am so pleased with how she is coming on - I will upload some vid soon.

Lastly I have to try to make a link to Alexis's win last weekend, am so pleased for both her and teresa, they have both worked so hard through foundation and now all that hard work is showing! Both dogs are now grade 5!! I'm sure G6 is just around the corner! Here is the link but I am not sure I have done it correctly - will ask matt!

I asked matt and now you can see it :)

On another note I heard that Kim and Lyla won out of grade 1 today too, faberooni - you guys make me just so proud, your results are outstanding! But my final well done is to V and Kidi - V you have made two dogs grade 7 this year - FANTASTIC! G7 with Kidi is such an achievement - I knew you could do it :)

Well done to you all,
Lauren and team DD xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Success breeds success

I am just amazed by the recent months success. Success certainly breeds success! I am so impressed that I have to blog about it!

Training is just going from strength to strength. The last group of young dogs are pretty awesome - not all of them are out competing yet but all are awesomely talented! Watching PC and Indi come 1st and 2nd to Mark and Devongem Crystal Method (who is also very talented) was just inspiring - 1st and 2nd against a more experienced handler and trainer is just fab! Mark it must be down to the running ;) You need Tom Rooney I tell you!

It is also inspiring watching some of our complete newbies really pull it all together - they did a 25ft weave send ahead on Monday and I really do think they are inspiring - no luring, no help just beautiful send aheads!In addition to this some of the youngsters are also showing both raw talent and great foundation - this really has to be my favourite area of training - foundation and developing the youngster for sport.

I do hope the agility circuit is being as kind to you - today is one of those days to feel proud about, I love my job, my clients, my family and partner and my dogs!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Our New Training Blog :)

Well this is exciting - a new training blog!

I am going to kick it off with some of our own dogs achievements this year as 2010 has certainly been amazing! We have certainly had one of our most successful yeas with 88 trophies to date, individually -

Has managed to go from G4-G7 and won out at the biggest show of the year with over 300 in the class at KCI all in 2010.
Has sired some beautiful puppies.
Has qualified for Olympia with a 1st and a 3rd at semis and for the second year running.
Won the Tug-e-nuff final MAXI
Qualified for the UKA Nationals week finals
Qualified for the split pairs final to take place soon.

Tiki and Riot
Both won their heights of the UKA steeplechase final.
Riot has two G3 wins towards grade 4.

Has achieved grade 7 status
Won the CSJ Final at his height.
Qualified for the UKA Nationals final.
Qualified for the Masters Final.
Acheieved Masters status at UKA
Qualified for the split pairs final
Reached the champ final at his first ever champ class
Qualified for Olympia

Come back after a very complicated wrist injury and won 4 Grade 7 classes
Back competing in champ
Now having her final litter
Hope to be back competing in 2011