Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Success breeds success

I am just amazed by the recent months success. Success certainly breeds success! I am so impressed that I have to blog about it!

Training is just going from strength to strength. The last group of young dogs are pretty awesome - not all of them are out competing yet but all are awesomely talented! Watching PC and Indi come 1st and 2nd to Mark and Devongem Crystal Method (who is also very talented) was just inspiring - 1st and 2nd against a more experienced handler and trainer is just fab! Mark it must be down to the running ;) You need Tom Rooney I tell you!

It is also inspiring watching some of our complete newbies really pull it all together - they did a 25ft weave send ahead on Monday and I really do think they are inspiring - no luring, no help just beautiful send aheads!In addition to this some of the youngsters are also showing both raw talent and great foundation - this really has to be my favourite area of training - foundation and developing the youngster for sport.

I do hope the agility circuit is being as kind to you - today is one of those days to feel proud about, I love my job, my clients, my family and partner and my dogs!