Sunday, 19 September 2010

Some more fantastic DD and training results

Okay so this season is nearly ending and it really hasn't stopped amazing me, right from the start really!

We trained up near Shauna Lyons and had a fab day training both Shauna and her friends. I have to say miss Breeze was FANTASTIC. Shauna is working through all of her puppy foundation and doing such a great job - she plays like a demon Shauna :)

We then travelled to Thatcham - absolutely shattered. We bought lovely Waitrose food and satin the caravan for about 18hours before we decided to see the show. The dogs were happy playing and chewing in the garden and we were just so tired we knew we needed to get some proper rest before the final that eve, the reason we were in Thatcham. Reef and Bailey were both stars as usual and it really is becoming a bit of a trend to us to do well! They won the final beating some great dogs. In secon were Tim Marsh and Lesley Olden. We were both ecstatic - our second year in a row!

On Sunday I only did two runs - a power and speed with Reef 1st place in 13seconds winning by nearly 5 seconds! And a training run with Tiki, am so pleased with how she is coming on - I will upload some vid soon.

Lastly I have to try to make a link to Alexis's win last weekend, am so pleased for both her and teresa, they have both worked so hard through foundation and now all that hard work is showing! Both dogs are now grade 5!! I'm sure G6 is just around the corner! Here is the link but I am not sure I have done it correctly - will ask matt!

I asked matt and now you can see it :)

On another note I heard that Kim and Lyla won out of grade 1 today too, faberooni - you guys make me just so proud, your results are outstanding! But my final well done is to V and Kidi - V you have made two dogs grade 7 this year - FANTASTIC! G7 with Kidi is such an achievement - I knew you could do it :)

Well done to you all,
Lauren and team DD xxxxxxxxxxxxx