Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Winter Training Plans are well and truly kicking off.....

Have just been writing an article for the voice and it really has got me thinking, you guys are so good at putting your whole hearts, energy and soul into what you do - you really do make me enjoy what we do!

Looking at the next few months we have some really great Winter Training Plan (WTP) sessions coming up - please dont book any before you have checked re availability, quite a few of them are now FULL and operationg waiting lists! I personally am particularly looking forward to our WTP already with skills days, youngsters for sports days, grids and jump skills sessions, SPRINT days (for owners) awesome handling workshops and Performance Nerves days with a very skilled musician with a vast international profile. These are all part of our game plan both personally as a trainer and for you guys! So my task for you all this week is to tell me what you want, to tell me how and when you want it and I will really try my best! Well, within reason of course ;)

I am so proud of so many of your achievements this year as well as our own individual achievements and I really think we are very lucky to have this therefore we must keep developing and learning like this.....GAME ON!

I am leaving you with a video of Jon and Elsa - Jon has had a fab season so far going from G1-3, has he achieved his goals this season? Now that would be telling ;)