Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Introducing Coast and Spice

So most of you guys probably already know these two however I know that lots of you have been asking me what they are like in training. Well to be honest we don't do a huge amount of agility bar foundation, solid waits, good strong hand targets demonstrated in this video with constant pressure for food, balance, propriaceptive work and focus in groups. There head space is great really strong work ethics and lovely drive for toys - both natural learners in lots of ways and are very rarely worried by anything.

All of the youngsters are coming on really well in groups and I am really looking forward to the upcoming YD sequencing, new foundation block and youngster for sport training. All are full so please don't try to book on now - we will run these courses again soon! I saw Zing, Effi, Wookie, Dusty and Brooke on Monday and Cove and Coast trained on Tuesday and all are looking gorgeous.

What I think the video shows is that both youngsters are willing to work equally for food/toys. Both can maintain focus on the task in hand and both are learning how to use their bodies at different stages of development. I can certainly see a real difference in Coast lately as being male it often takes them that tiny bit longer to learn to co-ordinate and am really pleased with the progress I see from both dogs. They are in most of the same groups as Brooke below and we are really pleased with how they are all coming on. Dont work your pups too hard guys but do the right foundation and it all pays off dividends :)