Friday, 1 October 2010


Ok so I LOVE this place :)

Today has been a very surreal day - I really cant believe we are finally here! To reassure all of my million customers look above I have a very adequate King sixe bed AND my own en suite in my little studio annexe of the house! Matt and I LOVE it - it is just sooooo us!

The dogs are just loving it here, I walked them at about 6ish and they really couldnt believe that a miracle fairy (more often known as Fern) had deposited agility equipment ready for the course analysis on Sunday in the school - wow - the place is officially too cool!

I am off to have a glass of well deserved red wine and may even open the bubbly that a very kind customer has given me - thankyou all for your lovely cards, chocs and moving in gifts you are all too kind and supportive! You have really been so good to me over the last year - I promise to try my hardest to help you all :)

Lauren and Team DD (Carole is currently making bread with her Kitchen aid whilst drinking a glass of wine and looking at a recipe for a Victoria Sandwich/Carrot Cake for Sundays course - oooh the fun - I really am looking forward to it! Any special requests please put them in now as she is really getting quite good at this domestic goddess thing :))