Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Winter Training Plans

If you haven't already seen on the website we have lots of new days coming up - exciting times! We have some space on the following courses if you have not already booked -

* Skills day 24th October - Jump skills in the am, followed by the EVER popular walk the course, followed by a send ahead and distance workshop!

* Stretcholt - we have new stretcholt dates - please look at these - this is a great habitat to work in and always makes both handler and dog think hard. Course walking, running and analysis for competitive dogs only!

* Awesome Handling - an excellent day of handling and analysis with a farmhouse lunch provided!

* Performance Nerves - a day looking at improving your mental game

* Sprint Training - a day of energy, improving technique and style and generally learning about your sprint style - farmhouse lunch included!

* Tuesday morning course running workshops - These really are such fun, great course running, analysis and looking at handling style and technique.

* February Mark Laker sports psychology and Handling Training

* Karen Laker weave, contact and young dogs sequencing workshops

We also have coming up -

Guest Trainer Days at other clubs so look out for these
Improving relationships with your dogs
Awesome Contacts
K9 Massage workshop

All for the new year so watch this space......

Please email Carole@devondogs.co.uk or text Lauren for more information or see the website!

Hope you have your Winter Training Plan -

Lauren and all at www.devondogs.co.uk
Below is a picture of Clover x Reef pup Five - 16weeks old
Popi x Reef pups are due any day time now - fingers crossed