Tuesday, 26 October 2010

You know you love training when...

This morning I have had torrential rain and yet still feel that the training I have done was not only worthwhile but really enjoyable. Played some great games with a new BC that is staying with us and really enjoyed watching the learning process. WOW! I love to see creative thinkers and dogs that can problem solve and yet practice their instinctive behaviours. I then trained a gorgeous young Gunran pup and it really inspires me when I work with people that just so want to learn - fabulous morning - then trained my guys - JOB DONE! Even in the rain life is good especially here at Bowerlands - it is really special here.

Above are a couple of puppy pics - growing by the minute! We are looking for Devongem D names - so far we have Devongem Dante as a definate and Devongem did it again :)