Monday, 11 October 2010

Mark and Karen Laker Training

Well the weekend started with a tour around the farm, the Lakers are interested in the farm for lots of reasons - watch this space :) All I heard was "ah," and "lovely" and "a laundry room?" We then had a fab dinner and far too much wine, well they both insisted so who am i to refuse ??;)

The training on the Sunday was great for me and really reaffirmed for me that DD is on the right track and are getting a lot of things right. Mark posted on his blog too, he said,

"It was good to see everyone again and note the progress made since last time. I must say Devon Dogs have had a good season."

I really like the fact that they are successful with the same handling system and yet human nature will always dictate that we sometimes have a different take on things.

Below is Shadow aka Shadow Man. He has had a very good G1 season - he has progressed from G1 to G3 and we are really proud of both him and Karen. Karen also has a gorgeous new tri boy pup from the Reef x Clover litter so watch this space :)