Sunday, 17 October 2010

Puppies at Devongem :)

There are puppies at our Devongem home Bowerlands - Popi x Reef both fab dogs and really hope the pups will be great too! Popi has the most loving nature with them and tends to every squeak and Reef is a typical man! (Actually he loves the puppies but is not in with them as gets just slightly obsessed:) We are more than happy after two weeks to have all of our lovely customers in to see them for a cuddle and socialisation session, so do come for a visit to Bowerlands.

On another note had a FAB training session yesterday with a great local club - really enjoy working with this club, they are just ACE! And today I have run a course at home with some excellent people and their 'Youngsters for Sport.' An inspirational day and feels very much time well spent :) XX

Thankyou to everyone for making this all soooo positive - your attitudes are amazing and with so many new ideas to work with I can barely contain myself :)

Lauren xx