Saturday, 23 October 2010

How time flies

Its so funny, I have been sat here all evening with Dave Munnings and Dan Shaw and the lovely Mathew Rouse,eating a very naughty take out and watching the puppies grow by the second. I watch in amazement at how they grow - they are just awesome.

However it reminded me of Reef, I picked him from Sandra Adams first named DARLEYFALLS litter and he has had a massive impact on me as an owner, dog lover and trainer. I just adore this dog - so here is to REEF, this is before I knew what he would be, I adored him for being just Reef, even if the noisiest pup I have ever had. Thankyou to Sandra for letting me have him and thankyou to Reef for being such a gorgeous dog to work with! Here is baby Reef - at this age it was all hopes and dreams - its now reality :) :) Thankyou Reef x