Monday, 18 October 2010

Learning and developing as a trainer and handler

As a trainer and a dog handler and fanatic I do love to see clever dog training! People do not give dogs choices, allow dogs to think and choose for themselves and make correct and appropriate learning decisions and actually learning time! For me dog training is not just an art but a science - there is huge amounts of clever reading and learning that can be done about how dogs learn! Contact training for me is well thought out, independently executed and an enjoyable experience from the first moment the dog performs and attempts the behaviour! I am really proud of lil Tiki - this is her first DW at Newhall in the outdoor school - thanx to Gary for filming and am so pleased with how she looks particularly with a group environment and distractions as well the fact it is a send ahead dog walk and she is a dog that naturally works well on recall as she has vey little eye stalk behaviours - no luring and no baiting just clever choices :)