Sunday, 28 August 2011

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

I have had an awesome week, I feel so, so lucky. It has been really inspiring and I just love working with the Canadians - so much fun! I think it is such a great learning opportunity to work with others and I hope to go back twice next year. I read a lovely comment from the post below that really made me smile, it said, '

You are a really gifted coach and I feel really lucky to have been in camp with you. Thanks again for all the valuable input you gave to Max and myself. '

I really love having feedback and I cannot wait to see some of these people again. Although there are now so many things going on, and now babysitters to find, the whole pregnancy thing is really is starting to sink in, especially now the Canadians have bought me a Maple Logo'd baby grow! Very very funny and cute all at the same time!
We also have a lot to look forward to at home, see my Devongem Blog
I am really excited about this and can't wait to see how Free is as a mum, she is a great little dog with just the sweetest temperament. Reefs pups are gorgeous and have been doing so well so I think these two should complement each other well.

We have also had some fantastic results over the last few weeks. Riot, Ash and Buzz qualifying for the Schase final in Dec, Rory and Shadow qualifying for the juniors with Lizzy and Holly, Cove and Mist getting into KCI and DIN finals, Alexis and Teresa both getting trophy places in G6 it wont be long, Helene having four firsts with Archie in one day, Tiki, Brooke and Riot stroming into G5, Tina and Poppy stoming into G2, Coast and Sue Rafter getting 2nd and 3rd with their first two clears, Kim getting a KC third with Buzz - there are so many to mention, make sure you send all of your points to the agility club and if you are not a member here is the link -

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend - we have been training and chilling after a long flight yesterday,

Lauren x