Tuesday, 13 September 2011

“Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith”

I am soooo proud! Although we have been so busy, there are never enough hours in the day, we do not stop yet a little time to reflect is good!
Some great results lately Bailey is in every champ final and Popi has been in the last two, awesome! Tiki qualified for the novice olympia, Bailey and Reef for the G6/7 Olympia and Matt and I are over the moon! It is great to qualify with one dog let alone three between us. It will be an interesting Olympia for me however I am really hoping to stay as fit as possible and it gives me something to aim for instead of mooching and getting too big - although I have to say all of my customers winning and bringing cakes is NOT helping!

I am also massively proud of loads of my customers and Matt - it gives me great joy knowing how well you are all coming on. So here goes....I will inevitably miss someone....

Teresa and Indi - Getting to the semis, having an awesome clear in the warm up, unfortunately 5f run in the event. Also looking great in G6 and getting loads of great places already!
Kay and Ry in the ring WOW!
Kay and Blue 2x2nds
Fran and Inga making it to semis!
Alexis and PC looking awesome in G6 and getting a 2nd and 3rd in your first few weeks!
Kelly and Maisie - STEEPLECHASE queen :) Her speed and confidence is growing!
Kim and Buzz, qualifying for beg schase final and winning G3 jumping at Gillingham Champ Show! 
Di and Lilly - first show - 4 out of 4 places  - what can I say?
Jill and Poppy - winning Beg Agility
Sam and Bo GRADE 6!
Tom GRADE 3 :)
Gail and Rio weaving in the KC ring :)
Mandy and Herb 3rd YAY
Vivienne Wells - UNSTOPPABLE winning everywhere!
Helene - 4 x 1sts in one day - wow!
Lizzie Rafter qualifying and winning into G3 STUNNING!
Sue Rafter and Lyra, Tina and Sue and Molly qualifying for tug-e-nuff WOW!
Sue and Coast 2nd and 3rd
Helen and Maisie winning cakes - YAY
Sian and Spice winning a Schase and Ash 4th in G1&2 Jumping KC
Amanda and Abi G4 WOOOOP
I will have forgotten loads..................I am not meaning to, there are soooooo many!

And a special well done to the Devongem pups too...
Matt winning two G5s easily at Gillingham, winning at KCI - you and Riot look fabulous xx
Fern and Cove G4 now and qualifying for every final under the sun lol :)
Linda and Brooke for winning a G5 at her first G5 show!
Dave and Boss for winning at KCI
Teresa and Zing - some fab places and speed!
Mist G5
Devo one win from G7
Tiki Olympia, G5 and at KCI too!
Chilli - qualifying for semis and being a very very talented girlie!
Bandit easily winning into 7

Well done beautiful pups I am so proud :):)