Friday, 23 September 2011

What an amazing year we have had....

 After Susan Garrett contacted us at the beginning of the year I thought our years training could not be topped however I am over the moon that we will also be able to offer a camp next year with Greg and Laura Derrett. We are so lucky to be spending good quality training time with some of the best. Our club has gone from strength to strength with so many dogs moving up the grades.

I am particularly proud of Alexis and PC who are already holding their own in G6, Teresa and Indi who has also had trophy places, and Gary and Tagg in G3. In addition to this I have to say it is a complete pleasure to train Jon Woodger who has moved into G5 as well as so many others. Lizzie Rafter is now G3, Fern is G4 and both of these were G1 at the beginning of the year. Lizzie has also just won her first final! Awesome.

We are involved with some great inspirational people, David Munnings was in your Thursday class only last week, how lucky are we? Some great learning going on here and make sure you take us up on as much of it as you possibly can - we love the way you are all developing.

If you are planning on coming to Summer camp with Greg and Laura let us know as soon as possible as we really have very limited spaces now and I am trying to create the best learning community.

Lauren x