Saturday, 22 October 2011

Are you an Ultimate Handler? Do you know what to train over Winter?

I love the way agility is moving with the times. I sometimes struggle to find consistent innovative dog trainers to work with in Devon and I am so pleased that there are opportunities like this :)

Have you seen this link?

We have had a huge uptake of new people wanting better training on handling and innovative ideas so we have really worked hard to try and offer them something. This is great for us and keeps us all on our toes.

We are starting to prepare our winter training programme based around Greg&Lauras online course above, I really do think you will love it if you get a chance to join, birthday, Christmas, and presents galore - I know what I am asking for for my birthday. The nights are now getting colder and darker and the flood lights are now back on, we are going to miss the Summer.

Free and her pups - she is such a good mum :):)

It has been ages since I have blogged and the pups are almost 5 weeks old - they are full of fun and lots of work but will be flying the nest soon but not too far though, they are going to the loveliest homes,

Devongem Freakin Great - Sian
Devongem Free Spirit - Sally
Devongem Born Free - Helene
Devongem Free For All - Mandy

I am so excited as I will be seeing lots of all of them as they all train with us regularly. I feel very lucky :)

Hope you are all well, if you havent had your winter training plan/programme from myself, Kim, Matt, Sue or Fern please ask us asap as these are now available.

See you soon, Mark and Karen Laker today and Kamal tomorrow woohoo!

Lauren xx