Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dartmoor show

We decided to go to Dartmoor despite the mud mainly because it is 6, yes 6 minutes away from Bowerlands. We had a FAB show with some great results.......and cloudy lemonade to top it off....It left me with a real buzz :) We also took the new van - mistake - MUD CENTRAL!

Sian and Ash had a 3rd in G1&2 Agility  -  well done you!
Lauren and Reef 3rd in G5-7 Agility with a very held seesaw :) bonus as thought I had 5r :)
Linda and Gyp - 3rd in ABC
Alexis and Ruby clear in agility but we had to leave - we had a long way home - hehehehe
Nigel and Rigsby 9th in 1 agility
Sue and Molly some really really motivated runs - well done you :)
Also lovely to watch some great progress from lots of different partnerships.

A lovely show and some very appropriate courses I thought - and lovely Chris Huckle judging - we always enjoy his courses! Thankyou Chris!

Then back to Bowerlands for some cuddles and coffee and had to say no to others as house was full! Great for puppies and lovely reward for us :)