Monday, 29 November 2010

Picking a groom for Olympia and preparation....

The last few months have been so busy, my feet rarely touch my lovely new heated floor in my new pad at Bowerlands but I am loving it......

It definately has been more difficult this year picking a groom for Olympia and normally it would be Matt however Matt has done fantastically well in 2010 by qualifying not only for the novice with Indi but also for the Large KC Olympia Stakes with Bailey. This is a massive achievement and I am really proud of him not only as his partner but also as his very accomplished trainer ;) ;) I am really impressed :)

Therefore he can't be my groom. So the search was on and I narrowed it down to three people who I really thought I would work well with on the day Sian, Kim and Helen. These three people are not just clients but also trusted friends who always make me feel good. Kim is coming to watch, Sian is looking after our dogs and Helen Brown who is my groom :) She is really excited and so am I.

I am sure they could all be there in their own right one day, particularly Sian who is just a baby at the sport - at just 16 she is already an amazing dog trainer - see Spice below Dash of Spice at Devongem.

So Helen and I are excited we have the hotel sorted as well as car parks, meals and I am really pleased to have the benefit of a good and very trusted friend coming along with me. The next week or so is looking great - Stretcholt, Thurs Christmas group, training with a friend, WAO qualifiers and some time off in a holiday cottage with the dogs up country. Lovely :)

Lauren xx