Monday, 15 November 2010

Bowerlands Visitors....

Sue and Nigel left last week and after asking their permission I have printed their card - here goes -

"Dear Lauren and co..

Just want to say a really big thankyou for letting mum and dad bring us on holiday and for giving them some lessons. We had a really great time and agility really has been fun. I am sure mum has already told you but I had a great time at the show and only clipped a pole (mum's fault) otherwise our time would have been third! Mum was delighted and don't you worry I got paid well :) Rigsby and dad went faster than normal and brought home another 2 rosettes!

Mum chose flowers for you but I thought you might like something nice to eat. Looking forward to our next holiday already. Just keep reminding mum and dad about lots of lovely food and dont forget the ball. Woof, woof

Molly and Rigsby xx'

What a pleasure to have these visitors on site and to train :) I feel very lucky - above are the puppies - cant believe they are only 4weeks - they act sooooo mature play bowing and staring right into your eyes - gorgeous :)

Lauren xx