Tuesday, 9 November 2010

How many lovely people are there out there?

So pleased with the weekend. Trained some fantastic new customers who were so open to new learning and also some amazing existing customers. It is always fun to have new blood but also love that we have some great people who come again and again! However today was just inspiring, I had the most amazingly positive group - just great. I had two messages from them on my way home and an email. I also had some lovely feedback from a new customer - always good to hear :)

Hi Carole and crew..

Firstly - thank you for making me so welcome even when I turned up far too early.

Thank you for the lovely food - it was very well received.

Lastly can you let Lauren and Mat know how impressed I was with the day and wish we lived alot closer, they never once did anything to destroy anyones confidence and only ever built people up, that in itself is something I as a relative newbie to the sport will take away with me (even though I have a g6 dog) I have already made a list on paper of what I feel we need to concentrate on - in both the short term and long term.  I also wanted you to know when reading the Agility Voice yesterday I looked at every decision making jump to try and work out the best way to do it, not just the way I would of done it in the past!  So if I get a nervous breakdown I blame you two.

Lauren and Mat and Carole - thank you all again for letting us invade your home and giving us a very enjoyable learning experience.

Trying to rearrange about 4 things so I can definetly come on February date to follow up this session.

Below is our stable block and tack room - the dogs think there new play den is FAB - loads of work to do but sooooooo much fun :) This place is INSPIRING :) Feel lucky to be here xx