Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Olympia excitement and more puppies....

So Olympia has come and gone - my god it happens so fast - I need more than one dog there as I just need to be there for a few days - I just love it!

This year, although I had been really quite poorly beforehand - I even managed to get a prescription for an inhaler and antibiotics - I definately felt very confident in Reef at this level. He was just great and although we got elimninated at the very end it was a pretty good E if I do say so myself :) I love that the crowd go ahhhh and that the commentator said he was at 11 seconds just after the seesaw and compared to lots of others that seems pretty fast even with his very eloquent spin before the a frame. I definately felt that I could trust him and that he has grown up alot and feels very ready for grade 7 and the next Olympia he attends he will be up with the big boys. I did call him at the end expecting him to carry on blasting ahead of me in the excitement of that atmosphere and I wasn't quick enough to correct my cue however he really is showing that he is fast, responsive and able to listen to cue at that level - I do love this boy :) Below is his vid - I am having running lessons for Christmas ;)

We also have some great news in that Reef is expecting another litter with the gorgeous merlie girlie Hoax - I really cant wait to see if there is a merlie Reef. I do have to say I am not a massive red merle fan but I do love blue merles - particularly real blue blue merles if you get what I mean - so will be interesting to see what they have - Gem has said they are the Designer litter of pups :) AWWW :)

Above is Reef - he is so proud and I do have to say I couldn't love this dog anymore if I tried - Darleyfalls No Feer - I am so happy you are mine :) lovely lovely boy xx