Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Most Perfect Training Time

The last few days a few friends/colleagues/clients and I have been training, remotely at times, but training all the same and it really has been lovely. Sharing ideas and learning and talking to each other. It really has been great fun and I will post some videos of the progress soon. Lovely to have clients/colleagues/friends to develop with - I am very lucky having such great people to link in with and touch base with.

The little ban here at Bowerlands has been a god send, and Newhall too. They have both been great to rely on in this crazy weather and havent stopped play!

Below is a video of Pop and Rhyme - Devongem Dante.

It is great to have the Lakers staying in 'The Hayloft' at 'Bowerlands' as they are just such great friends and we really enjoy not just their company but their lovely dogs too, particularly their two Devongem boys :) G5 Devongem Crystal Method and 12 week old Devongem Dante. It is a real pleasure :)

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful break :) and I cant wait to share some of these wonderful ideas with you in the new year,

Lauren xxxxx