Monday, 27 December 2010

And the snow....turns to slush and the barn is a godsend!

Am really pleased I am on holiday now - the weather is crazy, first snow now slush puppies!!

Am over the moon with some photos a friend sent me recently - as well as being a very passionate dog trainer I am also a really proud and dedicated breeder. I really want to do my part with breeding 'good' type BCs and agility dogs. Below are pups from my recent two litters and I am so proud - they are not only gorgeous but talented too and I couldnt be happier - their owners are a pleasure and I definately enjoy this part of having puppies :)

What I love about these photos is you can see what a little monkey Ditto is, and how Reef Boss is :)

Lovely :)

Back to training although I am off the barn has been busy - if you would like to book in for an hour email or text me and if there is a gap I am more than happy for you to hire it - it is definately better it gets used as the wet slush snow is not exactly ideal to train on :)

Lauren xx