Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The journey is the reward. Chinese Proverb

I am sat here drinking pink champagne, the world is GOOD! My best friend Lo is staying and helping and generally making herself busy here, it is a FULL TIME JOB for at least four people living here let alone enjoying here!

Love my puppy - Fiji La is divine :)

I am overjoyed at the weekend, DD had some FAN B*oo*y TASTIC results I mean A-MA-ZING!

Sam winning into G4!! WOOP G3 Agility - G4
Tom winning into G2!!!! YEE HA!
Fern winning her Agility!
Matt numerous places with Bailey!
Alexis a STUNNING run in the qualifier
My Gorgeous Reef winning his 1-7 jumping!
Mary and lovely Reef a 2nd in the qualifier - I am SOOOO pleased for you :)
Lovely Lesley and Jill for getting TROPHIES!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon and Elsa winning into G4 with stylllleeeeee :)
Teresa and Indi - a great agility run!
Kelly and Maisie a 5th, yes a 5th in 1-7 beating numerous g6 and 7 dogs :)

You guys are awesome - I am inspired being involved in teaching you - thankyou for choosing to come to us :)

Most of all, I adore teaching and I love to see you all doing well, but this weekend I also had to be more than over the moon with my new star girlie, cheeky Tiki, it is always hard having dogs like Reef and Pop and then bringing out the youngsters as they have just so much to live up to and I want so much from my dogs, but she did more than that for me this weekend at her fourth KC show winning her jumping and topping my whole year off with the KC qualifier too - by a big margin too! It felt great, like I am able to do this with different types of dogs both with temperament and type and I also bred her  - I cant describe it, I feel on cloud 9!

Thankyou Tikstar - today and forever I am grateful to you - you are a sweetie xx :)

Loving it all, especially my friends xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx