Sunday, 29 May 2011

Live, laugh and learn a little more!

I am writing this blog from a show as I just feel elated! This weekend has been fun, so many great people to spend time with and so many reef puppies to munch! We have had a ball!

And success too - Reef and I won a g1-7, Kelly had a 5th in 1-7 with Maisie, Jon had a 5th&1st. Jill had a 3rd&4th, Lesley had clears and I know a 3rd, fern had a 1st and 3rd, Linda had a 1st & 2nd, Teresa had a great training run, sam&tom both 1sts and moving up a grade!! I will surely have forgotten someone! You are all too kool! Virginia for moving up a grade!

And for me personally my proudest moment has to be Tiki, Devongem Cantstopper, winning her jumping at packington, I am so proud of her, I could literally burst :):) I don't know why but I never expected her to be able to win a big open jumping course and she more than suprised me! I thought agility would be her thing!

I know a few others did well Dan had a second with code and a few others too - big well done!

I think ultimately keep doing what you are doing because it is paying off - you are all inspirational - particularly my newbies :) you do me proud! Today I am on cloud 9, can I stay?