Sunday, 1 May 2011

So your winter training plans?

Go back a few months and look over your last few shows and have you succeeded with your aims? I am so pleased for you guys, wins left right and centre, qualifiers and overall great runs!

Gary grade 3 - how very scary:):)
Kim 2&3rd today!
Reef won his class yesterday and two today and qualified for the tug-e-nuff at his first uka show- best thing being he had four out of four clear rounds! Can't wait to be at the hand!
Kelly winning again :) I am so pleased for you and the sensitive collie girly, you have done just so well to bring her on this well as I know just ho hard you have worked with her.
Karen has had yet another trophy - clever Karen.
Kay and Chesney won the starters club qualifier woop!
Fran& Inga won into grade 3 today-so clever! Pleased for you and your gprgeous retriever girl.
Alexis and her collection of rosettes!
Sue and Lyra back on form with your 2x2nds!
And the biggest well done for sue Howlett and her guys for the knockout final - she will be going to the hand in December! Clever!

A great set of results!

Keep up the hard work - you are so clever all of you :):)

Far too many Mojitos later - thanx sue :)

Roll on more shows and susie g next week yay!

Lauren xx