Saturday, 30 April 2011

"It is all in the mind, the power that is!"

The weekend is off to a good start! Some great runs and a great feeling. Alexis has had a 1st and second, Matt has a 1st with Riot, Reef won his jumping and beat a few cracking dogs and was clear in agility too woop Coast who is 18months old soon had his first ever run too! Tik has done some great stuff and I also hear Kelly and maisie had a win! This is great as kelly has worked so hard with this extremely sensitive girly, she is doing a fab job, big well done to Kelly.

The sun is shining and the company is good and for me this is what it is all about. Sue and her mojitos are just to die for :) It is really funny that although it seems completely obvious I have never really considered how big an effect your company has on you at a show and all I can say is this weekend it is certainly good and does make a difference. I am not a fan of people who like to bring everyone down at shows with negativity and I am not feeling this either at club, training or shows at all so big thumbs up to all of you - great stuff! The other thing I love is how much we all want each other to do well - go get em guys - go for it, you are doing me and yourselves proud x