Sunday, 24 April 2011

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams," E. Roosevelt

Well where do I start with the well dones? Everyone has already achieved so much this season and yet we are one or two shows in!

At CB show Gary had 2 x 2nds - wow! Kelly had a 2nd and 3rd and Jon a 1st and 2nd and thats what I know of :)Then this weekend all I can say is AWESOME! Firstly well done to sam for going grade 4 your dogs are fast and talented and you are doing great. Huge congrats to lovely Mary for qual for adams derby and also a 1st and 4th :) well done to Karen for her agility not sure of place yet, sue and gorgeous ninja and your 4th and Jon with elsa 2nd and 1st woop! Teresa and d with your 7th in the novice q run, Pete and your 5th, Vivienne and your1st, 5th, 2x2nds and 5th, and fern and cove your 2nd&kim on 3rd,4th&7th with lil ly Kelly and your 4th and nov qual clear, and omg I will have forgotten loadsa people!! Lesley and fin your 5th well done xx Tom and your win yesterday, gary and your clean run today / ok Devon dogs is getting way too many results ..........I so hope you are agility voice members as it really could be a very successful year!

A special well done to Virginia and cyn - a 2nd at your first kc show and a win with baby d - well done you.

And for the others who didn't run clean well get down and dirty with your training and I so know you can do well - you have some amazingly talented young dogs and I can't wait to see them do well this year!
Matt and I are so impressed and we still have a whole day of competition to go - big well dones all around!

If I have forgotten anyone I promise it is not personal - I just can't keep up!