Monday, 4 April 2011

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Canada is so much fun, I am really enjoying spending time here, great friends, students and of course Susan and John too. I have learnt so much and yet feel we have only been here 5 minutes and it is time to go!

I heard some great results from the weekend - well done to you all!

Gary and Tagg 2nd x 2 in both agility and jumping wooooop woooooop!! A FANTASTIC START TO THE YEAR at your first KC show!

Jon and Elsa 1st in your first show of the year G3 Jumping and 2nd Agility or am I mad  - did I hear it wrong ?? Woohoo you guys are soooooo fab :)

And was it a 3rd for Kelly and Maisie??

Well done to you all - I think it is going to be an awesome year, I really do :)

Lauren xxxxxx