Saturday, 18 June 2011

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

In the last week I really have noticed how difficult it is to balance everything, we have been so busy and I wonder when it will end, but I realise this is probably what we need to get used to.

Fiji is my balance break, she loves training and I adore messing with tug, tricks and some groundwork in my breaks - what is yours?

Bowerland is full and DD is manic but I really do hope that we don't lose touch of friends and some fantastic customers in such busy times. Keeping together is progress and working together is success. We have made lots of excellent links in the past year but I dont want to forget our roots. Thankyou to everyone who has helped us get to this stage including our fantastic customers - you really are fab. We have really found our feet and I think you have all played a part.

We have lots of new training sessions planned, I am most pleased with a few new invites as guest trainers Kamal Fernandez top obedience trainer as well as Jo Tristram and Mark and Karen Laker. Everyone is welcome Devon Dogs or otherwise - the more the merrier, it is always fun to ideas share. Make sure you email for more information or keep an eye on the website

Obedience has been at an all time high, all three classes are full with waiting lists, Vivienne and I are taking classes and the proof of people being happy is re uptake of classes so big well done to you Vivienne - FANTASTIC. Vivienne is pacey and exciting and has kept classes running smoothly, punctually and with a real sense of energy so I really feel very ready to hand her the ropes.

Shawn and Rhianna have been doing work experience here, there is always so much work it seems quiet without them, I hope they gained enough experience and realised how much work there is within this industry - it was great to have them.

Gregs seminar was even better than last time as the whole session was spent answering Q&A and contact, weave and dog training topics - fundamental for the future of agility training progression. I am always shocked at who comes and who doesnt, people are mad to miss the theory :)

Lastly the instructor course - 2012 dates are now out as 2011 is full - I really cant wait to get this going, exciting times!

Lauren Langman