Friday, 26 November 2010

A fantastic week.....

Busy bee, yes thats me but this week has been so productive. I really have a few things I am grateful for this week, Fern, Val and Sian - you guys make everything so much easier. Matt you are fantastic at coping with the madness! My mum and dad for tolerating everything. The dogs for always offering more. See the puppies :)

I absolutely love training my dogs and I do have to say a big thankyou this week to all of those people that help me to enjoy it even more. Stretcholt - I just love being able to train with like minded people and enjoy the company of so many great people. Thursday evenings are also just THE BEST I really love teaching every single partnership, the club just seems to go from strength to strength and there are some amazing partnerships developing. I also have to thank the last group - I ADORE working in this group, particularly with the banter and of course the dog that looks like Dobby and Salexis (you have to be there) and some talented partnerships - I really had been missing this in my own training and over the past few months I really fill this group has taken my own individual training to the next level. And finally a thankyou to Gary - your texts re Tiki made me smile and I really cant wait to do more with her :) She is such a fab girly and the squealing and growling into her weaves makes me chuckle!