Sunday, 6 February 2011

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable while trying something new."

Comfort Zones - I have certainly been out of mine lately, training new groups, new people, new venues and new time management strategies - thankyou Mark Laker and Virginia Harry for your help. I am overwhelmed by the interest we currently have but also excited - it is an time for development I suppose. Thankyou to Susan Garrett for her post on this topic :) I am almost a disciple Sandra Adams ha :)

Training has been fantastic lately, we have some great dogs in the pipe line, both our own and club dogs, I am so impressed with the quality and level of these partnerships.

There are so many I will surely miss a few but Thyme, PC, Indi, Riot, Tiki, Brooke, Tagg, Lyra, Coco, Bob, Elsa, Shadow, Lyla, Maisie, Archie, Bo and of course soooo many more are all shaping up particularly well at the moment and I am working with many customers closely on developing these dogs.

I am also pleased about Stretcholt - we have a regular booking this year and I hope you all get your dates in before it fills.

Lastly we are really looking forward to our Greg Derrett Handling Theory Seminar, this is almost sold out and will be fantastic for developing our understanding  - the club is in exciting times :)

Lauren and all at Team Devon Dogs xx