Sunday, 27 February 2011

"When your physical environment is in alignment with your aspiration, success becomes the norm." -- Susan St Lawrence

I want great things for both myself, my family, my friends and colleagues and my customers. This weekend has been very interesting and has really made me realise this - I SO want them all to do well. In fact I am really looking forward to this year for us all - we seem to have really turned a corner.

Particular well dones to Kelly and Maisie and Karen and Shadow and Alexis with both dogs - both Mark and Karen commented on how much progress you have made as well as many other club dogs :) It was a proud day :) Well done!

Today was busy too, thankyou to Val and Sue H for their great home baking at Bowerlands - and of course to my mum too who is becoming a great cake chef :)

It was lovely to have Jo Tristram and Tuesday Fijis sister to stay too and all in all some great company and great customers who want to make progress - I wish you all well - I really do and am looking forward to our camping trips and successful shows to come.

As an added bonus today I even managed to train my own dogs at 5.30 - I was so excited as it was an unexpected opportunity - lovely :)

Below is Jo's Tuesday with her dogs - awwww - pups had great fun today :)

Have a great week,

Lauren xx