Monday, 25 April 2011

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.”

A brilliant show weekend and a lot learnt. Horses for courses and Reef can beat some of the big guns up at the Easter Celebration show and had a couple of lovely runs and worryingly Popi can beat Reef and it is all in the name of learning. We are trying out a few new ideas in training and they are really paying off, it was great to get lil Tiks into the ring too - finally :)

I dont think the club dogs have ever looked so strong, the congratulations list is endless but a few that I didnt add that now need to be added - WOW
Indi and Teresa winning not one but two jumping classes  - this is phenominal - Indi is working grade 5 and it wont be long before she is out there with the big guys :) Phenominal!

Tom and Atom winning not one but two jumpings - awesome work - fantastic! What you are doing is obviously paying off!

Karen and Shadow - I hear a trophy at WBSDS and cant wait to hear all about it on Tuesday!

Gary and Tagg 1st and 2nd and now grade 3 - woooop woooop - you guys are on fire, he is a very talented dog Gary now you guys really have a fab partnership.

Alexis and your guys, clears places and some fab runs - BIG WELL DONE - you did a fab job - I really mean it and you are always such great company!

Sue and Lyra - OMG how many clear rounds? See you this evening - cant wait to hear all about it!

Fern and Cove 1st, 2ndx2 and some FABULOUS runs - well done for sticking at it :) You and Cove are lovely together!

Honary mention to Dan and Code - you guys have had a brilliant weekend I know - woooop Grade 3 Ditto. Mel and Gary - some fab runs and your 3rd Mel - excellent - wish you were closer.

Vivienne - How many trophies? WOW!

Linda your KC run was stonking  - a close one xx

Kim, Kelly, Helene, Kay, Lesley, Jon and all of the others mentioned for there results on other days and just fab runs - in particular Matt and Riot - you guys are looking stunning ;) Both of you :)

I so dont want to gloat but OMG I am just so so pleased for you all :)

Cant wait for training this week - lots of ideas - my head is BUZZING! Lovely lovely jubbly scrumptious :)

Above is Rock - lovely to see him so happy and focused at the show - well done Jon - photo courtesy of Lesley Huggins.

And above the gorgeous Boss - Dave and him looked fab at the weekend :)

Lauren xxxxx