Thursday, 2 December 2010

A brilliant evening....

Well tonight was lovely, the snow set the scene, the people are fab and the atmosphere is great, everyone enjoys everyones company and celebrates everyones success and DD really has team spirit. It is funny as not all groups gel but the Thur night groups just seem to have that feel good factor, I am not sure why all I can say is if I could bottle this feeling I would - I know it is what success is made of - I can just feel it. Long may it continue.
Thursday Night Training - Christmas Drinks & Lovely Food
We must've been mad..... -3.5 degrees, and that was inside!!!

Rock learning VERY naughty habits at his first agility class??? Mulled wine!

This is Dobbie  - sorry - mistaken PC!!!

Ahhhhhhh.........the start of a beautiful relationship!

Jon and his new 'Babe Magnet' puppy Rock

Thankyou to all of the Devon Dogs club for making this year so fantastic. We really hope to continue our success into 2011. Have a fantastic break and we will see you fresh in the new year :)