Saturday, 4 December 2010

Well it was certainly different...

Today Matt and I had a day off, a very unusual phenomenon! Gorgeous Rock left yesterday a VERY spoilt, confident and well adjusted little puppy. He was just gorgeous, very OTT and great at tuggy - just the type of puppy I would pick but I don't regret my decision not to keep one, I have my eye on a pup next year and these pups all had such fantastic homes lined up I could not say no. I am really pleased Jon has him and cant wait to see him progress with DD as a future star.

So Matt and I had a very different day, we both get on so well lately it is really great to have someone like minded to spend time with and have fun with. We have been through thick and thin with the first house move, the caravan and now the new house but finally we are settled and it feels good.

We had lunch in wagamamas - great food, great atmosphere and really, really buzzy! I spent far too much money, my new accessories are amazing (thanks to the help of my personal shopper;);) and came home very happy :)

It was also great knowing that someone was back at the house looking after everything whilst we were out as often having dogs taking a whole day away doesnt sit comfortably but our new lifestyle seems to be sitting very well. We have lots of friends and family to lean on and mutually support when needed. Val has been trying out some work at Bowerlands too and lucky as poor Fern has fallen at home and so Val is able to help cover. It is a great community of friends and support and it just makes life so much more fun.

I am grateful to all of those around us and all of my friends too. I am also grateful to my life coaches - you are fab and you know who you are ;)

"If people around you aren't going anywhere, if their dreams are no bigger than hanging out on the corner, or if they're dragging you down, get rid of them. Negative people can sap your energy so fast, and they can take your dreams from you, too." ~ Earvin Johnson

I am so pleased to have such fab people around, the last few months have been mad but by surrounding myself with people that ooze positive vibes has really made it all much more manageable. I also love it that we have had so many friends at Bowerlands - the cottages, house, spare rooms and even the caravan has been full. I cant wait for Summer bbqs and wine :)

Below is a summer vid - we need to watch these this time of year to remind us that the lovely ground will return. It was taken two years ago and I love the progress that Reef has made but also adore this dog 100000000 times more now and dread to think how much more I will love him in the future - I may burst :) :) Have a good Sunday........